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Good morning, friends. Today, we will talk about singles. Focus on God and what God want you to do and not the desire of flesh. Why? Oh because you won’t involve God and you will do everything in the flesh and the flesh usually led you to bad results/bad consequences So, let say that one day, you are walking on a street and you see a beautiful woman or man and you will do everything in YOUR own strength and in YOUR own power to get the lady or guy’s heart or attention. Of course, it won’t be the involvement of God. and if you see that beautiful person, you can also think of “She’s is the one! He’s the one! That will be my boyfriend or that will be my girlfriend! You will also try to do everything in your own way. It doesn’t involve God. so, it can lead to bad results or bad consequences. Your flesh will lead you to the dark side and bad results If you involve God, if you let God do the work instead of you doing the work. Then the results and consequences will be good. God will find you a person, you will be very happy with that person. That person will be respectful of you, kindness to you, loving to you, and godly. Just focus on what God has given you to do Also, God will give you a partner that you need Instead, hunting for people(it can lead to bad or very bad consequences), just let God the works. He knows what you need and wants. Ask, Pray, keep knocking and it will be given And that all I want to share, have a great day! Byee

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