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Similar Signs: READ and DANCE in American Sign Language

Many students confuse two signs: dance
and read. Why? Because they look very similar, right? Both use a “2” handshape
and a flat palm — same hand shapes. For DANCE, this is the orientation. READ looks a little different. So the handshape, though, is the same. The difference is
both in sort of how the hands are oriented and the movement a little bit.
So palm up and the “legs” down: DANCE. And see how those fingers … the palm is up and
the fingers are down? Dance. It’s like dance movement — you kind of go
side to side. See that? From the wrist, side to side. DANCE. Like your legs are
sweeping above the floor: dance. Dance. DANCE. READ. So again the handshape is that “2”
and flat palm — same thing, right? Now, the palm isn’t flat like it was for “dance”.
Now, I’m going to pick it up like we’re holding a book or a paper, all
right? See that? And now the “2” handshape again —
represents the eyes this time — going down the page. So we’re not sweeping across
the floor, or readings across lines; we’re reading down the page. So DANCE versus
READ. Notice now the wrist goes up and down: READ. Read. Reading. Read. Read. Read. Right, so again: DANCE. READ. Dance. Read.

15 Replies to “Similar Signs: READ and DANCE in American Sign Language”

  • Hello big super Meredith

    You signs sample to correct answer two dance and read πŸ“– match right your πŸ‘‰πŸ‘€
    So wonderful Meredith and I am so very busy working!

  • Your Channel is so amazing! Now i really want to learn this language,you explain everything very goodπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  • I love you videos! They are very interesting! Could you please advise if you make a video with more verbs and video with future/past , if possible πŸ™‚ as by now we have learnt so many nouns that verbs are needed in order to build a sentence. thank you for your work!

  • i watched switched at birth and ever since then ive been learning sign language because of how fascinating it is , im 16 so im very busy with school but because of you its so much easier to understand and have time to learn! thank you so much meredith!

  • Hello, thank you for teaching these lessons they help a lot! I'm starting to learn ASL (I've always wanted too) and was wondering if in ASL you sign words like "is, in, of, a, an, the, to (or too) etc." or any other sentence fillers like that? Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  • Hello Meredith, I would like to watch some fix of sign language in video and I know ASL as the first language in Bangalore, India. I am Web Developer but I'm deaf. I love your videos.

  • I find watching my ASL videos PAINT (With 2 fingers "smaller brush") and READ look even more similar. I can barely see a difference πŸ™‚ Love your videos!

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