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Signs of discomfort on a Horse body language and emotions

At this moment, this guy has a little
bit of a fall back his worst fear are HUMANS and it might
be very interesting to see how he expresses his fear of humans now you can see he is also curious, he is also interested and he’s * uhm *, well he’s doubting in what to do horses who are very sensitive, like this
one will feel every insect They will feel this insect, now you can see his nose, They will feel the insect as if a bullet has hit them. So they will responding on insects They will smell deeper, they will respond, as you can see on his tail also emotional his tail is moving and now he gives up, and
now he says OK you want me I’m there. Now I am going to Now he is smelling my hand, I am not giving him food, I am just Showing him “He boy, my intenions are good” this is a respond with his hoof. this is a respond on emotional discomfort, it’s like a
child who says I don’t get my way children might also respond like
that You hear it? I was just a little bit to late with the video
this is just a response an emotional response
and since forces are very physical there are animals who move a
lot they will definitely respond physical missed it again, you might say “naah there are insects”, there are a few insects but not that bad When I step back he will definitely
respond if you go back to the head you will see and now I point my camera on him and he doesn’t know anything about videos but he does know that he’s its something
personal That he will turn turn away his head he will be … discomfort, now you can see his tail he is wiggling his tail, ll as if there were a lot of insects, right now, there are not there are still the same amount of insects as few
minutes ago You will see his eyes, they will tell you a lot, his eyes will tell you: “I have to be very sure there’s nothing” bad happening to me”. Then we go to the the nose is breathing, he’s making
sounds and I am holding my hand here so he can
smell my emotion how can he smell my emotion? Because his
smell is a hundred times better than my smell I’m very I’m a very lousy ‘smeller’ and I besides think that I take a shower
every day to make sure that nobody smells me well thats for horse actually actually, well that
would be awful to do because they need this
smell, they need to smell this emotion and if you can smell a hundred times better
than a human being just imagine what they can smell. if you look
at his nose you can see that there has been marks, they are marks of rope halters. For the
ones who like this ‘Monty Roberts’ style he was definitely…. he had experience with such a halter will try to focussing now he stamping, moving his feet again it’s a halter that gives, on the nose, He still doesn’t like me to touch his nose that will give when it’s on the nose and
when the horse is pulling it’ll give, that will go “go tied-up I I don’t know the English word for it, it is a halter that has what they call in English ‘a lousy release’. That means that you should release it by hand with a horse like this you cannot catch him by hand that means that he will have to run, for quite some time with such a halter I’m going to make it a little bit uncomfortable every time he starts to eat. I’m stepping towards him I’m not trying to hurt him I’m just
trying to helping here we have this…. here where my thumb is now, here is a
mark of a broken part of the bone until the other side, its over here until here , and what I noticed was that he has on his chin also marks, and that means that he had really trouble you see,when I am stepping back he is still worried and he is still stepping with
his hoof but it gets less now he is eating, a horse who is
uncomfortable cannot eat but I have to move he has to be careful: “what the hell is she
doing where she going” and he has to watch me, and the best way to watch me is to focus with your two eyes on the thing
that worries you and if that thing is a human being then
you have to be aware You see, he is focusing again on me but he he’s also having enough confidence so he he wants to eat again
and he says would you be so kind to step out of my
my life and let me just do my thing which is at this moment eating, well okay lets step out of his life I just wanted you with the help of this horse show
you some points that might help you in recognizing fear of your horses

52 Replies to “Signs of discomfort on a Horse body language and emotions”

  • Magnificent looking animal. Very unique colour pattern!
    Given that and the animal's nervous personality, it should really be let go to run wild and free…

  • Thanks for the insight. Beaut Horse. I've taught my Mare to blink with one eye etc. They like to learn new things as we do. She was also abused and an ex Galloper but with lots of hands on she is like a new horse. Cheers

  • All he needed was direction. To be in with other horses. To learn from the other horses. Horses are the best teachers of horses. Then when humans get involved, mutual trust and respect needs to be won. Through finesse, not pain. With proper communication by using body language.

  • when a horse (that I know doesn't like to bite) puts their head forward to sniff like that…i always try my best to breath back (with my nose not my mouth) because i thought it would be the proper response of another horse. I've seen them do a sort of 'french kiss' nose smell side to side thing and i know they are communicating.
    then there was this one horse who always pins his ears back as people walk by and throws his head up and down, one day I figured Id stamp my foot at him and stand tall, thowing my head up and down in that swift motion they have…..and I think I made a statement because his ears went forward and he stepped back into his stall.
    Anyway, Amirra is older than me by a few years, she is my Appendix lovely horse! she had gotten hurt at a hunter jumper show i did and apparently she had tore both her front feets tendons in the past an they didnt let it heal properly…. so she was off for awhile. then we took her to a really close by barn that does rides for disabled people, volunteer based might i add, and someone left the turnout door open when they went in to clean it and she got out, ran away to the street over and fell in a ditch cutting herself up badly. (thank god nothing broken) Ive been tramatized by this and am always worried about if she's off or not. like its winter, no flies, and shes stomping her foot and i felt like something was wrong but didnt know for sure. i think this kinda helped me understand that.
    sorry im rambling, love your videos!

  • Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it almost looks like he was torn between wanting to give you a chance and wanting to get away from you.  Beautiful horse, though!

  • I have only been working with horses for about a year now, they are therapy horses that I consider to be well trained and kid friendly. Sometimes when I am leading them they push me with their head/nose. What does this mean? I know they are trying to tell me something but I don't know what. Could they be doing this out of discomfort or boredom? Thanks.

  • Rather than from a rope halter, the marks on the nose are typical for a Spanish "serreta"  that has been used harshly. By the way, he could well be a Spanish horse.

  • What a beautiful horse and it saddens me to know this horse was not treated the way a horse lover should. Wonderful videos!

  • Beautiful horse and I love how gentle you are and let him have his own space when he gets uncomfortable. I had a young thoroughbred just off the track that was very sensitive, especially in the nose area. When he was more trusting with me, he started scratching his head up and down on my body, usually knocking me off balance a big. I was told that he was trying to gain dominance and I should not let him do that. What do you think?

  • Love watching your videos.  Those bumps over the upper part of his nose and chin, imply sometime in his life with probably a chain leadrope, someone did something with him.  Many stallions get these calcium deposit bumps on their upper noses and lower chin. They might not show up until the horse is in his late teens or so. I think the bridle you are referring to probably misused in his case was a hackamore, a bit less bridle.

  • I just found your channel, and I'm loving it so far. You really have a way to convey your passion about horses through your videos, and it stroke me deep.
    I'm subscribing right now, and look forward to see and learn more from your videos

  • fantastic instruction and you are of course a wonderful person for putting it together, thank you for all you do

  • i also like your videos and have learned so much so far as im preparing my self for horse riding lessons. Im only half way through this vid and an expression comes to mind watching the horses reaction. "making the skin crawl" the skin of the horse was almost crawling or reacting to invisible insects by the interaction of the human. ive never experienced that myself as a human and often thought where does that expression come from and why. But i feel ive seen it in action on this horse. Hope that makes sense.

  • the problem is people do not really understand what is going here…..very very few do…as in humans dogs and other animals like horses these telltale emotionally distressed signs are often related more than not to internal health issues like heavy metals, chemicals, nematodes, other toxins and or pathogens. There are remedies that works same for humans as other animals, When you clean up the body the behavior changes naturally to calmness peace and intelligence. Depending upon the severity of the condition it can take years to do this properly as you cannot go to fast in the worse cases. However, I have yet to not find any animal i cannot change the behavior by cleaning up the toxins and pathogens in the body…..wish there were more people aware of this…….

  • I love your videos. I've been around horses all my life but I am still learning so much from your endless wisdom! I only have 2 miniature horses. A mare & a gelding. Since I got the mare about 10 years ago she has been unusually skittish. When asking the previous owner why, she said the mare was owned by a man who allowed his grand daughter to saddle the mare daily, then she would ride to their neighbor & tie the mare up for hours under the saddle & bridle while she played with a neighbor girl. I understood why she would have some reservation about being saddled. At my house we only have them for pets. They are not ridden or even worked. But the mare is still, after 10 years, very skittish & even during grooming, she is always trying to get away. I'm suspecting there was more to it because I've had horses that had hardly any human contact, yet I was able to tame them to a point where they ended up very friendly & loving. It's sad really, because I don't know what she fears so much & I hate forcing her to be by me if she's afraid. However, I live in Minnesota USA & our winters are harsh. For much of the spring she needs grooming to rid her of the heavy coat & prepare her for the humid summers.

    Do you have any ideas what I can do to show her, after all this time, that I'm only there to love & care for her? Thank you~

  • it's obvious you are very well around your animals and they respect you/love you back..btw your english is way better than many native speakers ..thank you for the video and the work you do with your horses and other animals at your farm

  • Another excellent video from a superior horse person. I love your vids because they tell the truth about these fantastic beasties.

  • Were you trying to say that the halter was tightening up too much in some manner? Will a horse buck a little when somewhat startled?

  • Ihave seen horrific injuries to racehorses on the track and when they are held to await the vet they always want to eat grass why is this?

  • It's sad that any horse should be afraid of humans.  He had to have been abused and neglected in some way.  No animal should be afraid of human beings, and SHAME ON US if that's the case.  These animals deserve better.

  • I have a wonderful new horse who is by far the softest, most sensitive guy I've ever been around. I've been experimenting with energy work with him, because it's obvious someone has roughed him up with some "natural horsemanship" techniques in the past and he deserves better than more of the same. I've always believed in gentle training, and since I have no agenda and nothing to prove after 50ish years of riding, we're working together from scratch to establish a true, honest relationship. The amazing thing I've noticed is that when I go out to be with him after watching a Rick Gore video, he wants nothing to do with me. If I go out after watching Clinton Anderson, he's wary. When I go out after watching one of your videos, he's so open and trusting that it touches me to my core. I'm so glad I've found you and your videos to support my journey with both my horses, but especially for my sweet Silas. It seems that your words and experience are truly what the horse world needs.

  • Your videos are invaluable, a treasure trove of information. Thank you so much for taking the time to educate us. 🙂 You also have a calming way that the rest of us would well to emulate, not only with horses but with children, dogs, animals in the wild, etc. God bless.

  • I like the color (i love grey's) and the disposition of this horse very much and i like your explanations too very very good indeed. you mean the pressure and release dually trainingshalter of monty roberts yeah yeah very very bad halter it hurts horses on the very sensitive pressure point parts on the nose and jawbone.

  • My lovely horse is my best buddy. He stamps when there are flies or if I don't deliver the treats quickly enough. He gets told off when he does it or I stamp my feet as soon as he does it. I can tell he knows exactly what I'm doing and he then minds his manners. He's super confident, friendly, relaxed, affectionate and easy to ride. He's also highly intelligent and curious. I think they tell you most things with their ear movements. As soon as he first sees me he flops his ears to the sides which I believe is what they do when they meet a friend and are having a positive emotional reaction to you. I hope your horse gains trust. I feel that he'd be a very sweet horse when he does. He''s a nice looking horse.

  • I've only recently found your videos and I find them so serene and peaceful to watch. You teach both the horses and humans marvelously in such a kind and gentle way. I thought you were referring to Monty Roberts the self-proclaimed horse "whisperer." Just to make sure I looked him up and forced myself to suffer with the poor horse shown in the Brazilian video. But I just couldn't watch it all. My only thought was I wish a band of good men had ridden in and done to those evil men what they were doing to the poor frightened horse who didn't know what they wanted and could not avoid their knotted rope whips. Evil knows no bounds.
    I'm so glad there are good people like you to teach others the correct way to treat and communicate with their animals. Thank you so much.

  • Good video, like all the others. Only one note. These fractures are not from a halter like the ones Monty Roberts sells or advices. Looks more like from some similar halter which are made of rope and iron. I think you have seen a lot of things like this , too. Otherwise, ive nothing to blat. And my english is worse.

  • Schandalig eigenlijk dat je dit soort dingen nog moet uitleggen. Iedereen met een greintje invoelingsvermogen herkent toch de angst en spanning in een ander levend wezen. Je hebt een boel werk te verzetten met dit beschadigde dier. Dankje voor je aanschouwelijk onderwijs. Soms moeten mensen er echt met hun neus ingewreven worden.

  • We went to check a "bold" spot in the middle of the paddock, we noticed our horse has done like a circle where she seem to have walked around and has left a bold circle with no grass all dirt, we don't know what is means? cheers

  • This was very helpful, as I'm dealing with a mini pony who was abused and that's all the detail I got. For the most part, he's been quite at ease with me although wary until we establish confidence when its time to work with him. Until he had a swarm of flies on his backside which really bothered him so I just gathered up some of a very rough bit of rope to brush them off… soon as he saw me loop up that rope, he freaked, backing off clearly frightened, bucking and twirling, whoa! I immediately dropped the rope, held up my open empty hands so he could see them, reassured him vocally until he stood, then walked over with my hands down & loose, let him sniff me and he was fine while I brushed off the flies with just my hands. I'm 70 rs old, grooming horses since childhood & have dealt with a lot of shy, nervous horses but not one so terrified of human intent before. I'm looking at videos because he's obviously lost confidence in his safety with me & hoping for any tips. While your info was very good basic info, your presence and manner with this horse was the most helpful. Since its been a while from your last post, I hope all is well with you. I'll be viewing more,never too old to learn!

  • I LOVE sensitive horse………almost wild!! I have walked up to wild Mustangs… Eastern Oregon before!! AT night!! I walked up to a wild "Albino" horse when I was about 12 or 13, the lady who I watched her 90 year mother cared for…….took me and I was able to walk up to the horse and put just a walking rope around his neck……….I love to ride bare back as well. I rode when I was 7 years old in CA, and have tried to have horses on TWO occasions, but the husband I had married was oppose to it…:(

  • A halter don't do all that to a horse. As soon as he understands it gets uncomfortable he will stop. He will stand there all day if he has to so it don't harm him. My horse is doing good and I have watched videos of wild horse behaviors when they are free things that scare me they don't have a problem with at all. It's my sensitivity for my horse. I can't speak for him, but I don't beat him to get him to behave I show him that we are a team and it takes give and take. He works with me pretty good.

  • that's the way horses behave when they arrive at this house of canivals by my house here in so. California, this criminals are samoans and yes they kill horses left and right, I know when they're having their ritual cause they put up a big fire, I try calling the police, the fire department,the humane society and you name it, next step is getting a drone with a camera sooner or later going to get this bastards.

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