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Signing With Non-Dominant Hand Challenge | ASL

[marker writing] [Pokemon game sound] Hey, everyone. I’m doing a challenge video today. More specifically, a signing with
my left hand challenge video. I’ve done this challenge
in the past, but I did the alphabet in that one. In this challenge, I’m remaking
my first ASL video. I did redo it last year, but
it was done with my right hand. So, today, I’m using my left hand. It’s funny because I actually
write with my left hand. But I can’t sign with this hand. I have to use this hand.
It’s weird. Anyone else like that? Alright, let’s get on with it. My sign name is… Off to a great start! My sign name is… Okay, this kinda hurts. I’m 26-years-old. My sign name is… I’m 26-years-old. My birthday is July 16. My work includes YouTube… I’ve written out facts before filming this. My work is YouTuber, writer,
Twitch streamer, and public speaker. My favorite colors are turquoise and red. I love cats, of course. I have two: Zane and Libby. I’m from Germany. I live around Charlotte, North Carolina. I’ve been doing YouTube for 8 years. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 8 years! Last one- My new favorite show is Bar Rescue. Whew, that was hard. My fingers on this hand are not
used to signing, not like that. It’s also funny because I’ve noticed
that I can’t understand left hand signers. I can’t understand it.
It’s weird. Okay, I do sometimes.
Most of the time. But sometimes I’m like,
“Wait, what? Can you sign slower?” So a question for you:
Which hand do you sign with? Comment down below. But before you go, if you haven’t,
consider pledging on Patreon. Sometimes, you get things like
written letters, music playlists. All depends on the perk. I’ll see you later. Bye.

72 Replies to “Signing With Non-Dominant Hand Challenge | ASL”

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  • I am right hand but can sign with both. Probably because I am been dead since birth and start sign at 4 years old. So it mean, November will be 50 years that I had been signing. Lol

  • I am am right handed, so I'm right sign too! I can use left hand but not often. Love your vlogs! 😀

  • Some of us can fingerspell c-a-t on one hand and d-o-g on the other, at the same time 🙂
    We tell people we have "one cat and a hurricane" XD

  • My hands were always good at copying each other so I only ever have to learn a motion with one of them and the other one can do it as well. I also got to a point where I can do two different things at the same time. I'm also a lefty when it comes to writing btw.

  • It's most comfortable for me to sign with my non-dom hand. Probably cause some asshole kid fucked up my right hand in the fourth grade by tripping me.

  • Good job ^-^

    I'm still just an early learner of Australian sign ((Auslan)) and sign left handed, but just like everything else, can do it right handed just as easily… Trying to help my mum and partner learn, I swap hands so they can each mirror me since I am way further ahead

    Glad to see you trying something that's not easy though, it might help you learn to understand lefty signing ^-^

  • I have been watching you for about a year now and I love all your videos! I’m hard of hearing and just recently started to embrace it, although, I’ve been studying ASL by myself for about 4 years now! I use my right hand as my dominant hand, but if I’m taking a video or snap, I’ll hold my phone sometimes with my right hand so I’ll use my left instead haha

  • I am one of those asshole who switches hand dominance on the fly. I can sign with either hand. I am better with my right only because I have more practice with it.

  • Yea, Rikki it happens when one's preference of using which hand to use to sign. I am a right hand guy and I sometimes use my left as fluidity no problem because I learned ASL late. Truly a challenge I think is using both hands to do ABC's at the same time, can you do that? Also the numbers the same 🙂 It is fun to use both hands through lyrics in music songs like a duet but one signer, hmm…a challenge?

  • Not deaf but autistic. I grew up signing about as much as I spoke, which for me was far more than standard. My mom, who taught me, has no ability whatsoever with signing with her left hand. I can sign about equally with either hand, though my left is slightly faster when it comes to fingerspelling. I write with my left, but I throw a ball with my right.

    On a related note, am I the only one who couldn't use the make-the-letter-shapes-with-your-hands back in kindergarten to learn the word bed? You're signing a d with your left hand! It doesn't work!

  • If you want, I encourage you to practice more and more. I am a lefty signer and when I sign with my right hand…my signing looks flamboyant and/or drunk…at least, that’s my impression.
    It’s good on the brain! Will keep ya sharp! 😉

  • I'm also left-handed and ended up learning to sign with my right hand cause it felt more comfortable. Now I can barely do any signs with my left hand. Specially fingerspelling haha 🙂

  • 😂 like trying to write with the other hand. Good exercise for the brain. I would like to see you make this a weekly challenge.

  • Yes its very hard to use other hand I use bsl/SSE ….with my right its interesting… See how our brains work …. There's so much to sign language system that must don't even think about the complexity ofve it …. Thankyou for a great video

  • I am HOH, when writing I use my left hand. Which also happening to be my more dominant hand the left. I can sort of sign with my right but I don't do it , since it feels super weird.

  • Aww you wouldn't understand my signing lol I'm a lefty. I can fingerspell with both hands very well but I'd probably struggle with using the non dominant as the dominant hand for signs such as start and name like you did lol

  • When I started taking American Sign Language classes, I was taking them with my friend who is left handed. So we would practice together and I would always get confused and think she was doing things backwards or that I was wrong 😂 It took me a while to get used to watching her sign and understanding her completely

  • Cool challenge and I love the video! My right hand is my dominant hand for everything– writing, holding things, etc, so, of course, my right hand is my dominant hand for ASL, too. I agree with you: signing with my left hand just feels odd, I can't even really do it, and I'm sure I look ridiculous!

  • Yep, I'm left-handed and I sign with my right hand. It was just easier for me to learn that way or else I'd get movements reversed or something. So I just decided early on, I'd better do it right-handed.

  • I love the show Bar Rescue 😊but I sign right handed and feel the same about reading left handed signers

  • I'm learning ASL for my career and I'm a leftie but have been taught to use my right to sign. But I prefer my right hand signing over my left hand though. Found your channel by watching Molly's videos. Love you both now!

  • Hi Rikki! I’m learning ASL, and which hand I use depends on the sign. Idk if that’s a bad thing or not, but some signs are easier with my left or my right. Should I pick and hand and stick with it?

  • Hi Rikki!
    It make sense that you understand better ASL from the right hand, if it is what you see the most. Compare reading a text directly on paper vs looking a text in a mirror,

    I am left-handed for most things, but I learned string figures ( ) with the right hand.

  • I just started teaching myself ASL within the last month and I sign with my right hand! Just thinking about attempting to sign with my left hand freaks me out lol

  • i am totally left hand dominant and sign with my left ! so if we ever meet i'll keep that in mind and try to use my right😂

  • Hey Rikki, I know you probably won't see or read this but something made me a bit upset. Someone told me that I'm not bilingual since I know asl and I'm hearing. They said that since I'm hearing and knew English first that I'm technically not bilingual. Just wanted to share this with you because it really grinded my gears. Love you 💕

  • Wow! Tough challenge! Even so, you signed clearly enough that I understood most of what you were signing without captions! I can finger spell okay with my left hand, but I probably couldn’t sign much more than that with my stupid left hand. Thanks for the video. Love it and love you! 🤟🏼

  • I'm a lefty when I write but when I learned how to fingerspell somebody told me you had to do it with your right hand so that's how I learned the alphabet! So I'm a bit slower fingerspelling with my left but have switched over to using it because it's my dominant hand for the rest of ASL…it's weird because I want to switch back and forth for what feels more natural but my ASL teacher told me to choose one XD

  • I don't really sign because i am(officially) hearing(you know the story). But the few signs i do know, i sign with my right hand.

  • I sign with my right hand. When I try to use my left hand it just feels totally wrong! I want to do this challenge now though!

  • I am still learning asl… But I'm a right handed signer as I have a birth defect on my left hand. When I began signing I thought that would make it difficult for others to understand me… It has not. I love your signing and your story. I am hog but with out my bone anchored hearing aid I am essentially deaf.

    Much love from maine

  • I've been finger-spelling (FS)/my main signing hand is with my right hand. I also write with my right hand. I've been signing for about six or seven years.

  • Hey Rikki!!, I sign left-handed and I also have a hard time understanding right-hand signers sometimes- as I get used to them its easier for sure! funny I write left and sign left, maybe its just you 😉 i kid, look forward to your stream later <3

  • Thanks for doing it all in ASL! I had the captions on, but it helped me practice my ASL which is a bit rusty. I was surprised how much I could figure out without the captions 🙂

  • I’m a lefty through and through and just now realized I have trouble signing my name with my right hand… since it’s reaaaally hard (ahem c-a-l-i, yup terribly difficult).

  • My first ASL prof is a lefty so I read left handed signers better. I primarily sign right but I have a bad habit of signing one handed, and switching between both hands

  • I'm a left handed signer, but I don't know enough ASL (or any other sign language) to use it to practice. Ironically, I am learning German. Ironically I'm also visually impaired and still want to learn ASL

  • I'm right handed,(Although I open jars, walk my dog, with my left) and learning sign. I just tried w/ the ABC's lefty, and it felt weird. Especially the letter P!

  • I’m left handed and I sign with my left hand. I’ve never seen a left hand signer, besides me, so I don’t know if I would be able to understand it but I can understand right hand signers

  • I love your asl videos! It really helps me practice understanding more w/o captions. I'm a right hand dom signer but sometimes I switch w/o realizing, it's kinda weird

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