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Signing Savvy Word List Flash Cards, Quizzes, and Printing

Word lists are not only a great way to organize words but
there is several other things you can do with them. Let me go ahead and bring up a word list I am go ahead and click on MY WORD LISTS
to bring up one of my word lists. And I am going to come down and
I find my word list, Food Signs. And let me go ahead and view that list by clicking on
the word list or I can click on VIEW WORD LIST. They both bring me to the same place. At the top of the word list you can
see the Member Options for the word list. These options show up on all word lists that
you view, not just your own word lists. One of those options is Practice with Flash Cards. Now these are virtual flash cards, computerized digital flash cards. Let me go ahead and click Practice with Flash Cards. And here I have several options to setup my flash cards. So you can see VIEW THE WORD LIST ITEMS randomly or in order. Typically if I really want to quiz myself, I probably want random order. WHAT SHOULD BE SHOWN FIRST I can either show the sign video first and then show what the meaning
is or I can show the meaning and then see the sign. I can choose how many times I want to go through the word list.
You can see 1 to 10. I will just choose 1 for now. And then I can decide if I want to open the flash cards in
a new window which removes a lot of the Signing Savvy interface elements Or I can view it right within the current window. I am going to go ahead and open a new window
so I can really focus on my flash cards. Now I am going to go ahead and click START FLASH CARDS. You can see a new window opens up and I see the sign. I would think about what that sign is and then when I am ready… At the top here it says, WHAT IS BEING
SIGNED? and I can click REVEAL ANSWER. And it says the sign below is PIZZA. And then I can click on SHOW NEXT. See the next sign. It says WHAT IS BEING SIGNED? Once again, you can view these as virtual flash cards so I can look
at it, I can speak out loud or quiz myself in my head. And then I can click REVEAL ANSWER and then see
this was the sign for WHAT IS FOR DINNER. As you can see down below, I am in round 1 of 1, I chose to
only go through the list 1 time. I am on question 2 of 10. Now when I am ready to be done,
I can simple close the browser window. And I will go back and say VIEW LIST. And let’s go to the QUIZ OPTION. So I am
going to create a quiz and test myself. A quiz is similar to flash cards but rather
than just having the answer in your head, you actually enter the answer into the computer
and it will give you a score. So once again, I setup my quiz. It will asks me several questions. WHAT TYPE OF QUESTIONS DO YOU PREFER, I
can match the sign to the meaning. or I can match the meaning to the sign
or I can have a mixture of both. I am going to go ahead and click MIXTURE OF BOTH. The next question asks WHERE SHOULD THE ALTERNATIVE ANSWERS COME FROM? If I just want to keep all the options from the word
list itself, I can say just in the word list. or I can choose from the entire Signing Savvy database if
I want to have a whole variety of options. I am just going to leave it as just from the word list. The next question says, REVEAL THE ANSWERS? And I can choose to have the answers revealed after all the
questions have been answered or after each question is answered. I am going to head and leave it
at AFTER ALL THE QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED. It is going to ask how many questions do I want to have. It defaults to all the words in the word list, so in this case
I have 10 words so it is going to be 10 questions. I am just going to dial it down to 4
questions to make this a little bit quicker. The words that are chosen are chosen at random so it will
be any 4 of those 10 in the word list. And once again, I can choose if I want to display it
in the current window or open up a new window. The default is to open a new window, which I am going
to go ahead and do. So let me click START QUIZ. A new window opens. Now in this case, it
asks me, WHAT SIGN BELOW CAN MEAN SOUP? And I can look at the four different options. And I am going to go ahead and pick option 4. And once again on the bottom I can see I am on question
1 of 4. Let me submit and move to the next question. This is the other question type where it shows me the
sign and it says WHAT IS BEING SIGNED ABOVE? And I can choose CHOCOLATE, WHAT’S FOR DINNER, WATER, or BREAD. These choices are grabbed randomly from the word list itself and
of course one of the choices is the correct answer. I am going to go ahead and pick CHOCOLATE
and SUBMIT AND MOVE TO THE NEXT QUESTION. Now we have another sign video and various choices below. Now I am going to pick SOUP in this case,
even though that is not the right answer just so we can see what happens when I choose the wrong answer. And I am going to click SUBMIT AND MOVE TO THE NEXT QUESTION. And we have the last question here. Once again,
I am going to click an answer. I am going to select PIE in this case and
then click SUBMIT AND MOVE TO THE NEXT QUESTION. But that happened to be the last question, so
you can see, I have completed the quiz. I answered 3 out of 4 correctly or 75% and
the answers were SOUP, CHOCOLATE, BREAD, and PIE. And it says which ones I have gotten right
and which ones I have gotten wrong. In either case, I can go back and review, so let me
click the review option for the one I got wrong. And it says, YOUR ANSWER WAS INCORRECT, the meaning
was bread, and here is the actual question. So I see the sign, the question, and I can see the choice
that I picked, which was SOUP, which was an incorrect choice. And then I see the correct choice was actually BREAD. And let me go ahead and GO BACK TO THE RESULTS. Now that I am done with this quiz, I can just simply
close the browser window and return to the quiz setup. Once again, I can do another quiz, perhaps pick different
choices. But, I am going to choose VIEW LIST. And let me pick the next option, VIEW
ALL SIGNS TOGETHER. Let me click that. Now what this does is take all the signs in
the word list and show them as one video. Now this might be nice if I want to quickly review all the signs in
the word list and I don’t want to click on each of the signs. And it is very nice for printing all the signs in the word list. I can click the PRINT option, I can walk through the printing wizard here and I can choose to print all the signs in this word list,
perhaps on the same page or across different pages and so forth. Let me just click the back button in the
browser to return back to the word list. And the last option is MANAGE YOUR WORD LIST. Since this
is my own word list, I have this option. Of course you would not have this option on other
people’s word lists or the built-in word lists.

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