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Signing Savvy Shared Word Lists

One of the great ways of finding signs on
Signing Savvy is through other members word lists. Members can choose to shared their word lists and these words lists appear under the Shared Word
Lists link in the Browse Signs box. Let me click on that now. The resulting page shows all of the shared word lists. You can see the table here. It lists
the list by name and by author. And there are hundreds of them! Let me scroll down a ways here, down to
the Cs. Things are sorted alphabetically here. And let me find CLOTHING. So this word list was created by Savvy User
Christen. Let me click on her word list. And you can see, just like other word lists,
the member options that you have available are… to practice the word list using Flash Cards, you can Create a Quiz
of the word list, or you can View All the Signs Together. These features are explained in another video. If I scroll down, I can see all the
words in this word list, sorted alphabetically. So for example, let me go down and click on LONG JOHNS. And I can view that sign. Just like other word lists, I can page
through the signs in the word list. And I can go ahead and click on View
List to view the entire word list. Now let me go back to the Shared Word Lists list. Now there are so many word lists here it may be hard
to find a specific word list you are looking for. So there are search capabilities at the top. So, for example, if I just want to look for songs,
I can type song and search the title and description. And click on Search for List And here I can see all of the
song word lists that have been created. Or if I know the name of the
author, I can type their name here. So, for example, let me type “Savvy User Heather”
and click on Search for Word Lists. And I can see the various word lists that Savvy User Heather has created. And I can click on one of those word lists,
in this case it is called VOCAB 1.7. Probably from a class. And you can see that this word list is sorted in
a predefined order that she wanted the words in as opposed to the standard alphabetical sorting of word lists. The shared word list feature is a members only feature. As a member, you can both create your own word lists and share
them with others as well as view other members shared word lists.

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