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Signing Savvy Search Feature

One of the most popular features on Signing Savvy is the
ability to search directly for a word or phrase. To search simply type the word or phrase in the
search bar at the top of the browser. I will just type the word FLY, click the Find
Signs button and I will see the search results. In this case there happens to be three different versions of
FLY or three different meanings of the word fly. So if I want FLY as in to fly an airplane, I
will click on that, and you can see the resulting sign. Now this sign happens to have multiple variations. The
variations are all shown at the top. So I am on variation one. If I want to switch to variation two,
I just click on that and I can see the second variation. All signs you can also have fingerspelled. So the last variation, listed as FS, stands
for fingerspelled. So let me click on that and I can see FLY fingerspelled. Now back in the search bar, let’s say I type a
proper name, such as Fred, and click on Find Signs. The Signing Savvy dictionary does not have a direct sign for Fred. You can see it says Fred is
not in the Signing Savvy dictionary and then it asks if you would like to have Fred fingerspelled. or did you mean? and then a variety of words
that are perhaps close to the word FRED. But in this case I actually wanted Fred fingerspelled so
I would just click on have Fred fingerspelled. And you can see for this word there is no direct sign so I have no
variations at the top. I am just looking at the fingerspelled version of Fred. Now let me type in a phrase. I’ll type in
I LOVE YOU and click on Find Signs. Notice for I LOVE YOU there actually was
a direct sign for that entire phrase. Now if I type a different phrase, such as I AM HAPPY TO MEET YOU,
and click on Find Sign … there is no video for that particular phrase. So you can see once again, we get the search results specifying that and then down below it
says show I am happy to meet you as a phrase or have the whole thing fingerspelled. So let me click on show I AM
HAPPY TO MEET YOU as a phrase. Now what Signing Savvy does is it parses that phrase and breaks
it down into the various signs that make up that phrase. Now this essentially does a direct word-to-word translation. It is using, in most cases, ASL signs, but
it does not have a sophisticated translator to convert from English syntax to ASL syntax. Now if I would actually type the phrase in ASL syntax
it would come out properly in the video. If you don’t do that, you can always modify the interpretation or ordering at
the bottom in the phrase builder which is described in a different video. Now searching is a premium feature or a member feature on Signing Savvy. If I
go to the About tab, you can see that anyone can trial searching. As a guest user you can have 5 daily searches. As a registered user, which is
free, you can have 10 daily searches. As a full member, you get unlimited searches. Now if you are not a full member and you exhaust your
searches in a day, you can still browse for signs. So, over in the Browse Signs box, you can click on BROWSE BY LETTER, and
you can choose the respectively letter. For example, let me click on B. And I can see all the B words and I can click on
the word I want. In this case I will click on BABY. And you can do that as much as you want every day
at all three user levels, guest user, registered user, and member.

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  • haia, i have a few questions for you in reguards to signing and i would love if you would be able to lend me a hand. i am unfarmiliar with sign language and so i do not recognize what is being signed when i see it. might you be able to help me translate?
    please inbox me if possible.

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