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Signing Savvy Playback Controls

Now let’s look at the type of information
you get with signs on Signing Savvy. So let me go ahead and search for
a sign. I will search for HAPPY. So here we have the sign itself. This happens to be the
first variation of this sign. This sign has two other variations. And I can click on the number 2, for example, to see the
second variation of that sign or the 3 to see the third. Or I can click on the FS which shows the sign as being fingerspelled. Let me switch back to the first variation
and let’s look at the playback controls. The first button you see if the standard play/stop. So if I click
it, it plays, and then when I click it again it stops. The second button is the REWIND TO BEGINNING. So no matter where the playback head is, if
I click this button, it will jump the playback head to the beginning of the video. The next two buttons are the frame advance and the frame rewind. So if I click
the frame advance button, you can see we move one frame at a time. And I click the FRAME REWIND and I
go back one frame at a time. I can also just click anywhere in the timeline to move the
playback head to that location or I can click and drag. On the other side of the timeline is a bended arrow, this represents LOOPING. And it is currently depressed. So if I go ahead and press PLAY, you can
see when it gets to the end of timeline it loops and plays again. If I press LOOP again, now looping is turned off so when the
playback head gets to the end of the video it stops. Let me turn LOOPING back on and click play again. The next button is the “turtle” which basically means SLOW PLAYBACK. So if I click the turtle, it is now depressed and you can see the video
plays at a much slow rate. I can click it again to turn it off. The next button over is the fullscreen button. This button
is only available on the large video side. If I click the fullscreen button, you can see I
go to a fullscreen view of the video. If I click the button again, I return to
the regular view side of the video. The last button is the PRINT button. The
print feature is explained in another video. Below the video we have the CHANGE VIDEO SIZE options.
So we can switch between SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE. For this sign we have the English Equivalent, so
the sign that we are seeing is HAPPY. We have an example sentence, I AM VERY HAPPY. We have a Sign Description, which explains how the sign is made. We have a Memory Aid which is often
a useful way of remembering the sign. Once again we have options to switch to the sign variations down below. And then we can see other English words that would use the same sign. The last option here is Add to Word List. If we have actually created a Word List of
our own we can click on this and add this sign to one of our word lists. And then down below we have the ability to add
or view user comments related to this sign.

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