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Signing Savvy Phrase Builder

One of the truly unique features of Signing Savvy is the Phrase Builder. The Phrase Builder is a tool that allows you to
build sign videos of complete phrases and sentences. To access the Phrase Builder, simply type a phrase in the search
box just as if your were search for any other word. I am going to type the phrase “I WISH YOU
A HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and click the FIND SIGNS button. The search results that come back will l likely tell you that
what was typed was not in the dictionary, as shown here. However, it will recognize that a phrase was typed and ask you
if you want to show the phrase, as it does here. I am going to go ahead and click on this option. Signing Savvy then builds the sign video by breaking the phrase down into
its subparts and then building it back together as one video. In the case of this phrase, the video combines the
signs for I, WISH, YOU, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. The Phrase Builder DOES NOT translate into American
Sign Language or serve as an interpreter. Rather, it is simply combining the signs from the
listing of words that made up the phrase. Further, the Phrase Builder does not really understand what the phrase is saying. It simply picks the first version of the sign
that matches the word in the phrase. You can scroll down to see the specifics of how the
Phrase Builder creates the sign above and modify that. So down here you can see that the phrase is build
with the word I, WISH, YOU, A, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. So in the case of I, you can see
it says “I as in me (version 1)”. Which I can go ahead and switch that if I
want to, to “I as in me (version 2)”. Or “I as in the letter”, which obviously
isn’t what we want in this case. So I will just stick with version 1. WISH, there is only one version of WISH, but we
could switch this to fingerspell if we wanted to. Or we can decide to skip wish all together. YOU, once again there is only one version of YOU, but we
could also fingerspell it or skip it if we choose to. A, notice A is by default set to skip because typically in
ASL you do not sign articles like A and THE. Then HAPPY BIRTHDAY is actually one sign If we wanted to we can break this into individual
words. So let’s do that as an example. And we see the phrase again, but this time
HAPPY and BIRTHDAY are two separate signs. Now there are additional options to change the order of what is signed above. So if, for example, if I wanted to have BIRTHDAY
before HAPPY, I could click the up arrow here. And once again we see the sign, but
this time BIRTHDAY is shown before HAPPY. Now let’s type a different phrase to continue to explore the Phrase Builder. I am going to type the phrase, LET’S GO
FLY FISHING WITH TOM, and click FIND SIGNS. Now once again in the search results that come back,
I am going to click on show the phrase. And I will see the resulting video. And let me scroll down, once again, to the tools. Now in the case of this video, we see that it is made with
LET’S GO as one sign, FLY, FISHING, WITH, and then TOM being fingerspelled. Now one oddity is that the version of FLY that
is chosen is fly as in flying an airplane. because that just happens to be the first one in the database. Now obviously in this case, we want FLY not as fly
in an airplane, we want FLY as in the insect. So let me go ahead and choose FLY as in the insect. And once again I can continue to modify the translation here by choosing different versions of the sign, changing the word order or the last option is you can actually add words
or phrases to the phrase that is already shown. so for example, if I wanted to add the word SAWYER to the end because maybe this is TOM SAWYER we are going fishing with. So I can just type the word SAWYER and click ADD. Once again I get the resulting video, in this
case SAWYER is added at the end. And you will see above that SAWYER is fingerspelled as well because
there is no direct sign in the database for SAWYER. So once again, the Signing Savvy Phrase Builder is a power
tool to build complete sign videos of phrases and sentences. The Phrase Builder is a premium, members-only feature.

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