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Signing Savvy Creating Word Lists

Once of the most compelling Signing Savvy member features is the
ability to create and organize your own word lists. To create a word list, simply click on My
Word Lists in the Browse Signs box. You can see here that I have just become a member
and I have not yet created a word list. So at the bottom it says NO WORD LISTS CREATED YET
and there is a button to Create New Word List. I am going to go ahead and do that now. So I can name my word list. I
will call this word list FOOD SIGNS. And I will give it a description, A LIST OF FOOD SIGNS. I can choose the display order of the signs, either
alphabetical or a custom order that I develop myself. I will just stick with alphabetical for now. And then under the access option I can choose whether I want to share the
word list with other members or just keep it as my own word list. For now, while I am building the word list, I will choose
just to keep it as my own word list. Later on, I can always go back and change
this option if I decide to share it. And I will go ahead and click CREATE WORD LIST. So my word list is now created. However, there
are no words in the word list yet. So if I scroll down, you can see, THERE
ARE NO WORDS IN THE WORD LIST. Now there are two ways to add words to a word list. The first way is to simply type words in the add words area of the word
list. Let me do that now. I am going to type a few words here. Ok, I went ahead and typed several words in the ADD WORDS box. As you can see, I have got the words
I will add one more word, PIZZA. You can see each word or phrase is on a line of its own. You can type as many words or phrases you want
but each has to be on its own line. You can also type the words elsewhere and then copy-and-paste them into this box. Notice it says below, ADD WORDS NOT IN DICTIONARY AS FINGERSPELLED. If I uncheck that, if there is a word not in the dictionary, it will just
not add it to my word list. But I will leave that checked for now. And I will click ADD WORDS. It will ask me if I am sure I
want to add the words to the word list. And I will click OK. Here it gives me a summary of what was added. So it says PIE was added, APPLE added, SOUP, MEAT, BREAD, WATER,
CHOCOLATE, WHAT’S FOR DINNER was added as a phrase, and PIZZA. Let me go back to the word list. Now when I scroll down you can see all the
signs are here as part of my word list. Now you can see that some of the signs
actually have multiple versions and possibly multiple variations. So in this case, PIZZA, we have version
1, and there is a version 2. So I can decide which version that I want
to choose to be in my word list. If I am not certain what the versions are, I can go ahead and
click VIEW AND CHOOSE VARIATIONS. Let me go ahead and do that. And you can see here is version 1 of PIZZA and
here is version 2 and here is just PIZZA fingerspelled. So I am just going to stick with version 1 so I will
click SAVE CHANGES which will bring me back to my word list. And I can do this for other signs if there are multiple variations. Now at any point of time I can select a word
or multiple words and click REMOVE THE SELECTED WORDS. Or I can go ahead and REMOVE ALL THE WORDS in the word
list if I wanted to wipe them out and start fresh. I will go ahead and leave them the way that they are. And I can always go back and add additional words using
the ADD WORDS options within managing of word lists. Now let me show you the other way
to add words to your word lists. Let’s say I am just browsing around or searching for words, and I
search for, let’s say, MILK, and I will click FIND SIGNS. And here we have the sign for MILK. Now if I scroll down… you will notice one of the options toward
the bottom says ADD TO WORD LIST. and if I select that you can see all the word lists I have created,
and right now I have only got 1 word list called Food Signs. If I go ahead and select FOOD SIGNS, what it will do is take the
sign I was just looking add and add it to my word list. So you can see now that MILK is part of my word list. And once again, since this word list is sorted alphabetically, it sorts it properly. Now, once I am ready to view my word list, I can click
VIEW LIST at the top of the manage word list options. Now I am looking at the standard word list view. You can see all my words, once again sorted alphabetically. I can go ahead and click on a word to see the sign. And once again I can scroll through those words,
one at a time, forward or back. And when I am ready, I can click on VIEW
LIST to go back to the word list options. Since this is my own word list, I have
the MANAGE WORD LIST option at the top. Of course you would not have this option on other
peoples word lists or the built-in word lists. Let me go ahead and click on MANAGE YOUR WORD LIST. Let me go ahead and click on MANAGE YOUR WORD LIST. Now that I have created this word list and have it in
order, I can go back and click on EDIT DETAILS. And I can perhaps change the name, change the description, I can always
display the display order if I want to create my own order. But in this case, I want to change the access options and make
it, ALLOW OTHER MEMBERS TO VIEW THIS LIST. And click SAVE. Now my Food Signs word list is a shared
word list that other members can view. So I can click on SHARED WORD LISTS. Now I can scroll down to find the Food Signs
list or I can just simply search for it. So I am going to type FOOD. I am going to
search the TITLE AND DESCRIPTION and click SEARCH FOR LIST. And you can see there actually happens to be several
word lists with the word FOOD in it. But let me scroll down to the word list that I
just created, FOOD SIGNS, and I will click on that. And here is my word list! Now the ability to create word lists, manage them, use them for Flash Cards, for
Quizzing, for Printing, and for Sharing with other users is a members feature. We truly hope you find it useful.

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