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Signing Savvy Browse By Letter

The Browse by Letter feature allows you to browse through all
the signs in the Signing Savvy dictionary sorted by letter. So in the Browse Signs box at the top of
the page, we can click on Browse by Letter. The result is a list all the letters of the alphabet, A
through z, with the respective hand shape for each letter. So let me click on the letter A and we
get the search results for the letter A. So we can see all the words here. Let me
scroll down and click on, for example, ACCEPT. And we can see the sign for the word ACCEPT. If we want to browse for another letter we just click once
again on BROWSE BY LETTER. We get the resulting letters. In this case I will click on the
letter C and continue with that process. Browse by letter is a feature that is available to all user letters so under About here
we can see Browse by Letter is available to guest users, registered users, and full members.

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