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How To Learn Sign Language

Signing Naturally Unit 2: Language Background

Hey guys! In this video we’re going to be talking about
your language background. So first off, in Signing Naturally, in unit
2, you learn all of the languages, well a couple that they’re going to teach you. So you know ASL, so ASL. You have English, English. Some people do it once, some people do it
twice, it doesn’t really matter, English. Then you have French so it’s turned kind of
think of it this way: like you’re flopping it over. So your palm is facing down and you’re turning
it over, so you’re turning it this way. F . . . French. So palm facing down to palm facing up. And last you have Spanish. So you have kind of this handshape or this
handshape, either way, on both hands. So here and down they cross like this. Spanish. Spanish. So those are the four languages that you learn
in the book. In the book you also learn a couple of the
questions that they will have you ask. Um, the questions are how much of the language
do you remember? So it says, so you can sign LANGUAGE this
way, this is the older way, and the newer way LANGUAGE. So LANGUAGE YOU REMEMBER HOW-MUCH? or ______. Okay? So there’s different responses that you can
provide. You can say STILL SPEAK. I STILL SPEAK that language. Or you can say I REMEMBER ALL. I REMEMBER MOST. I REMEMBER a LITTLE-BIT. Or you could say I FORGOT ALL of it. I FORGOT MOST. I FORGOT SOME. Or I FORGOT a LITTLE-BIT. You can also describe your language if it
is EASY for you. EASY or if it’s KIND-OF EASY. Or if it’s KIND-OF HARD or if it’s HARD. Lastly, whenever we do our language background
activity, then we talk about the languages you grew up in. So you can say YOU GREW-UP LANGUAGE WHAT? And then you can say “Oh, um ME GREW-UP HOME
SPEAK SPANISH” or ME SIGNED ASL”. “ME SPOKE FRENCH.” Okay, and it can say high school time, other
languages learned, number of years, and how many languages you remember, and then the
amount between 100% and 0%. So for this part, then you will say #HS ME
TOOK-UP so it’s gonna be kind of like a 5 handshape to an S. ME TOOK-UP SPANISH. Um, TWO YEARS. ME REMEMBER LITTLE-BIT. Or ME FORGOT ALL. Any of those responses that we’ve practiced. And then the same thing for college, you can
say what other language you took, how many years, and how much you remember of that language. And then for the present time, then you will
say other language currently learning. So you can say NOW ME TAKE-UP or ME LEARN
HARD. You can give any of those descriptions for
your language background. So all of those things are good. And then in between each of the portions that
are in, um, your language background, that you will describe . . . In your book it talks
about specifically about how you will do this. Um, on page 64 specifically is the language
background, but on 61 if you’d like to look at that for the homework for 2.4, then it
talks about the language background transitions. So it says whenever you transition from one
time period to the next you will raise your eyebrows while mentioning the time period. So you’ll go #HS, um, I TOOK-UP SPANISH, TWO
YEARS, FORGOT ALL. COLLEGE . . . And so each time that you are
representing a new time period, you’ll raise your eyebrows so that that’s clear. So, that pretty much sums up everything you’ll
need to know for the language background and that’s always good information to have. Keep up the good work.

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