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How To Learn Sign Language

Signing Naturally Unit 1 Vocabulary: Beginnings

Here are the beginning vocabulary
for you to practice. REMEMBER FORGET, FORGET. AGAIN, AGAIN. CORRECT or right. INCORRECT/WRONG COPY-ME notice that my hand is facing forward
to you so you are copying me. So COPY-ME. Or me copying you: my hand is forward and it’s
copying off of you. COPY-YOU. FINGERSPELL you’re going out to your dominant
side. So I’m right-handed and I’ll go out to my
right side and left-handed I”ll go out to my left side. To DRAW, DRAW. You’ll also see DRAW as well as DRAW. So it can be, this is usually more used for
ART. I sometimes see this for DRAW or I see this
for DRAW as well. So DRAW. To WRITE, WRITE. To WRITE-DOWN or to JOT-DOWN. And then HOMEWORK. HOME WORK, It’s a combination sign. HOMEWORK.

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