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Hello everyone. Welcome to Sign1News live. I’m Jethro Wooddall. Here are your top stories for today. Hurricane Dorian left a trail of destruction
across the Bahamas and has been threatening the southeast coast of the US for days. Now the storm is dangerously close to the
Carolinas and Southern Virginia and forecasters fear any westward deviation of the storm’s
path could be devastating. Hurricane Dorian is already bringing strong
winds, heavy rain and the threat of a dangerous storm surge estimated to be 7 to 8 feet. Although the area will not take a direct hit,
officials warned of the potential for devastating flooding in Charleston, South Carolina, where
streets are already turning into rivers. The storm was downgraded to a major category
two hurricane Wednesday evening as it made its way north. Mandatory evacuations went into effect on
Monday for over 1 million coastal area residents in the Carolinas and Virginia. Some are heeding the warnings, others are
sheltering in place ready to weather the worst of it. And take a look at this. These are aerial images of the devastation
Dorian left behind in the Abaco islands in the Bahamas. This area endured winds of more than 185 mph. It is believed that more than 13,000 homes
have been damaged or destroyed and it is feared that the death toll will rise significantly. Right now seven people are confirmed dead
including an eight-year-old boy and dozens of others are injured. Much of the Bahamas remains underwater and
boats and jet skis are the only way to reach the affected areas. Despite the devastation associated with hurricane
Dorian, we have a couple of stories that demonstrate hope, courage and kindness in the midst of
the storm. Like this one. Nearly 100 dogs in the Bahamas have a roof
over their head thanks to a kindhearted woman named Chella Phillips. She is sheltering ninety-seven dogs inside
her Nassau, Bahamas home. She was a shelter called Voiceless Dogs which
lost power and flooded due to the hurricane. Phillips claims all the dog stayed relatively
calm during the storm and are doing well. She says she will look to get those dogs permanent
homes once the island recovers from Dorian. And this little guy is looking for a home
too. Deputies in Orange County, Florida found this
puppy in a vehicle that had been abandoned and was partially flooded. They named the puppy Dorian. Even though she was wet and scared, Dorian
is in good health. She’s been turned over to the county’s animal
services to find her new forever home. And apparently hurricane Dorian is responsible
for a number of births in Florida. Orange Park Medical Center near Jacksonville
reported six births as Dorian passed through the area, three on Tuesday and three on Wednesday. The hospital released a statement saying hurricanes
cause low barometric pressure which can bring on labor. The hospital also says anytime there’s a hurricane
in the area, it makes sure their team is ready for an influx of patients. Staff gave each baby hurricane-themed onesie
to mark their arrival. Some read “Category 5 cutie” and “I was in
the hurricane evacuation plan.” Facebook is looking to play matchmaker. The social media giant launched its dating
service simply called Dating. The launch comes more than a year after Facebook
first announced the feature. It allows anyone with a Facebook account who
is eighteen or older to set up a dating profile from within the Facebook mobile app. While it pulls over a first name and age from
a Facebook account, the company says the two profiles are largely separate. Users can integrate more information, pulling
in photos posted on Facebook and Instagram to their dating profile. Dating was already available elsewhere in
the world. The United States is the twentieth country
to have access. Well it’s that time of year again. Fans are flocking to couches, bars or stadiums
to watch their favorite football teams. Unfortunately health experts say that means
lots of unhealthy snacks. Here are a couple of tips to help you kick
off the football season in a healthy way. Plan ahead. Work out before you spend the day on the couch
or at the stadium. And don’t go hungry! Health experts say people think by skipping
breakfast they are saving calories. They show up at the tailgate party starving
and tend to eat every unhealthy thing in sight. Instead try snacking throughout the day. Also staying active during the game can help
by doing push-ups, jumping jacks or walking in place during commercial breaks. These are small changes but health experts
say it can be a big win for your health. Are you saving more money for your golden years? If you’re saving a lot less this year, you’re
not alone. According to the new survey by Bank Rate,
fewer Americans are increasing contributions to the retirement savings compared to last
year. The report found fewer than one third of working
Americans, about 29 percent, increased contributions. While 16 percent of those surveyed lowered
their contributions compared to last year. Income level was the biggest factor in determining whether someone increased or lower their contributions. According to the survey, the highest earners
who made $75,000 or more were twice as likely than the lowest income households to increase
contributions this year. Age also played a role. Older millennials between ages of 30 to 38
were the most likely to increase their retirement savings, while workers sixty-five years or
older have a tendency to decrease their contribution. So why are people saving less? Nearly one in four people surveyed say they
feel comfortable with the amount they were putting away. Another reason: stagnant or decreasing income. Others say they were focusing on another financial
priority, not retirement. Police in Ohio want the public to help them
find a stolen roller coaster! That’s right. Someone made off with the thrill
ride from the Union County Fairgrounds last week. A traffic camera snapped this photo of the
renegade roller coaster last Tuesday. As you can see it’s a small coaster geared
for kids called Go Gator. The ride is part of a traveling carnival and
fits on a trailer. Someone hitched that trailer to their pickup
truck and drove off with it. If you happen to see it or if someone you
know all of a sudden has a roller coaster in their yard, contact authorities. And those your top stories for today. I’m Jethro Wooddall. Thank you for watching Sign1News live. Remember to follow us on all of our social
media platforms and be sure to download our app too. Sign1News. Your life. Your language.

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