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Sign1News 9.30.19 – News for the Deaf community powered by CNN in American Sign Language (ASL).

Hello everyone. Welcome to Sign1News live. I’m Candace Jones. Here are your top stories for today. A defiant President Trump launched a tweet
storm, escalating his rebuke of the anonymous whistleblower at the center of the mounting
Ukraine controversy. A whistleblower complaint alleges Trump abused
his official powers “to solicit interference” from Ukraine in the upcoming 2020 election
and alleges the White House took steps to cover it up. Trump denies any wrongdoing. Trump tweeted: “Like every American, I deserve
to meet my accuser, especially when this accuser, the so-called whistleblower, represented a
perfect conversation with a foreign leader in a totally inaccurate and fraudulent way.” The President’s outburst comes after CNN learned
the whistleblower’s attorney sent a letter to House Intel leaders and the acting Director
of National Intelligence, citing serious concerns that their client will be disclosed publicly
and that, as a result, their “client will be put in harm’s way.” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam
Schiff confirmed the tentative agreement to have the whistleblower testify soon, stressing
his Committee is taking all precautions to keep their identity safe. A Florida family is mourning the loss of their
puppy Zeus who died protecting two of their four children from a venomous snake. Mother Gina Richardson described what happened: Her ten-year-old son Oriley was playing in
the backyard when the nine month old pit bull jumped toward him and attacked a coral snake,
doing his best to keep it away from the boy. His eleven-year-old brother Orion then walked
into the backyard. That’s when Zeus laid down on the snake, using
his bodyweight to smother it and prevented it from harming the boys. The snake bit Zeus four times before the dog
bit off its head. The family rushed Zeus to a nearby animal
hospital where staff immediately gave him antivenom medication. Zeus died the next day. And sadly, he died on the same day as Oriley’s
birthday. Richardson says she feels forever grateful
to Zeus and considers him a hero, saying if he had not been there she may have lost one
of her kids. She also hopes Zeus’s selfless act will help
change public perception of pit bulls. Pennsylvania parents Kristen Bristow and Charles
Salzman Jr have been arrested and charged with aggravated assault and endangering the
welfare of the child. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid similar
to morphine but is fifty to hundred times more potent. Authorities say Bristow and Salzman were allegedly
asleep in the front seat of their car while their eleven-month-old son overdosed on fentanyl
in the back. Salzman’s mother told police she went to check
on the couple Wednesday and found the child unconscious and slumped over while his parents
were either asleep or not reacting. Emergency responders gave the child three
doses of Narcan. He’s expected to survive. Bail is set for Salzman and Bristow at $150,000
each. Weird weather struck Davis, California over
the weekend. First there was this freakish hailstorm that
fell so fast and heavy it piled up like snow on the highway. Moments later the National Weather Service
issued a tornado warning advising people to seek shelter immediately. That’s when stormchasers spotted this. A tornado touched down east of Highway 101-A
and Highway 27. Meteorologists say California sees about ten
tornadoes a year and mostly in the winter and spring, so this one popping up in fall
was extremely rare. The tornado caused a bit of excitement but
no serious damage. Oh but Mother Nature was not done. On Sunday morning, a record low temperature
was recorded in nearby Sacramento. The temperature at Sacramento Executive Airport
dropped to 45 degrees. The previous low for September 29 was 46 degrees
said in 1986. Patricio Manuel, the world’s first transgender
boxer is now the face of boxing brand Everlast. The company picked Manuel for its “Be First”
campaign. Manuel says he decided to transition from
female to male while recovering from a shoulder injury. He says he was shunned by trainers and gyms
and had to fight boxing commissions for the right to participate in the sport. Last December, Manuel won his first professional
match as a transgender fighter. Everlast says Manuel is now part of a new
crop of trailblazers and is following in the footsteps of iconic boxers like Jack Dempsey
and Sugar Ray Robinson. A special gift from country music star Toby
Keith is going viral on social media. Before his concert in Pittsburgh Friday, Keith
gave retired Marine Corporal Brandon Rumbaugh an all-terrain wheelchair. In 2010, Rumbaugh was carrying a fellow Marine
to safety when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan and lost both legs. He is able to walk with prosthetic legs but
he says he wanted an all-terrain wheelchair because it lets him be more active outdoors
and play with a six-month-old daughter. The Independent Fund, a nonprofit that helps
wounded veterans, teamed up with Keith to give Rumbaugh the $16,000 wheelchair along
with backstage passes and a meet-and-greet with the singer. Rumbaugh enjoyed the concert from the side
of the stage and joined Keith on stage during his performance of “American Soldier.” And those are your top stories for today. I’m Candace Jones. Thank you for watching Sign1News. Remember to follow us on all of our social
media platforms and be sure to download our app too. Sign1News. Your life. Your language.

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