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Sign1News 8.5.19 – News for the Deaf community powered by CNN in American Sign Language (ASL).

Hello everyone. Welcome to Sign1News live. I’m Crystal Cousineau. Here are your top stories for today. The death toll in the mass shootings in El
Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio rose to 31. In El Paso, an elderly woman died overnight
and another victim passed away a few hours later. Unfortunately that meant this volunteer had
to add two more crosses to the large memorial growing in front of the Walmart where the
El Paso shooting took place. In Dayton, several prayer vigils took place
all over the state. At one vigil, nine doves were released in
honor of the nine victims. El Paso and Dayton weren’t the only US cities
dealing with deadly gun violence. Chicago police are reporting a string of deadly,
violent shootings this weekend left seven people dead and 59 people wounded across the city. Police say they responded to 32 shooting-related
incidents since Friday evening. Sunday 17 people were shot in three separate
incidents in the Lawndale area in the span of two hours. That forced Mount Sinai Hospital to stop accepting
new patients for time. And on Friday a toddler was hurt in a shooting
after three people got into a fight at Englewood. Last night in a national speech, President
Trump addressed the mass shootings that claimed so many lives this weekend. Trump laid out a five-point plan he wants
bipartisan support for, that he believes will help put an end to mass shootings and hate
crimes in America. His plan involves having the FBI monitor the
internet more closely, limiting violence in video games, having a bipartisan effort on
reforming mental health laws, passing “red flag laws” which allow family and acquaintances
to warn authorities if a person they are concerned about buys a gun and finally he called for
the death penalty for any person who commits a crime or mass shooting. What was not part of his plan was any mention
of gun reform and that is something many lawmakers and citizens are calling for. Trump was also blasted by critics and called
insincere for saying during his speech “May God bless the memory of those who perished
in Toledo.” The shooting took place in Dayton. Something interesting happened right after
the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Stocks of publicly traded gun companies rose. The jump happened as people started calling
for stricter gun laws. Shares of American Outdoor brands, formally
known as Smith & Wesson, rose 3 percent. Sturm, Ruger and Company rose 2 percent. Gun stocks tend to rise after deadly massacres. Investors think the prospect of stricter gun
laws causes people to rush out and buy more weapons and ammunition before regulations
kick in. President Trump also seems to be supporting
tougher laws. He said in a tweet Monday that Republicans
and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks. American Airlines is donating $150,000 to
support Dayton and El Paso after this weekend’s deadly rampages. CEO Doug Parker says $75,000 will go to relief
funds in each community to help make sure those affected have access to resources they
need. In El Paso, the money is going to the El Paso
Community Foundation. And in Ohio, the donation will go to the Dayton
Oregon District Tragedy Fund at the Dayton Foundation. Police in El Paso say 21-year old suspected
shooter Patrick Crucius is cooperating with authorities and volunteering information to
aid their investigation. They also say he is showing no remorse for
killing twenty-two people. Law enforcement sources also tell CNN the
suspect posted a four-page manifesto online filled with white nationalist and racist language,
targeting immigrants and Hispanics just moments before the shooting. And the Los Angeles Times reports that a Twitter
account that appeared to belong to Crucius was shut down Saturday evening. Tweets on the account praised President Trump
and his effort to build a border wall. Crucius is now facing state capital murder
charges and the shooting is being investigated as domestic terrorism and a possible hate
crime. Also because seven Mexican nationals were
killed in the shooting, Mexican authorities are looking into possibly requesting extradition
for the suspect. Police in Dayton, Ohio released this video
showing the moment the shooter, 24-year-old Connor Betts, was taken down by police. We want to warn you the video may be disturbing
due to its graphic nature. In the video you see people casually strolling
down the sidewalk when all of a sudden people start running and ducking for cover. Then at the bottom of the screen you see the
suspect dressed in full black body armor appear to chase after the crowd while firing an assault rifle. But police were there waiting and shot and
killed the suspect before he caught up with the crowd. Nine people were killed including Betts’ own
22-year-old sister Megan. The motive for the shooting remains unclear. And those are your top stories for today. I’m Crystal Cousineau. Thank you for watching Sign1News live. Remember to follow us on all of our social
media platforms and be sure to download our app too.

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