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Sign1News 4.13.19 – News for the Deaf community powered by CNN in American Sign Language (ASL).

Hello everyone. Welcome to Sign1News. I’m Crystal Cousineau. Here are your top stories for today. Authorities in Florida solve a 25-year-old
cold case when the victim’s son makes a gruesome discovery in the backyard of his childhood
home. In 1993, 23-year-old Bonnie Haim suddenly
vanished without a trace. Bonnie’s husband Michael Haim told investigators
his wife walked out on him following an argument. At that time, Bonnie’s 3-year-old son Aaron
made a startling revelation to Florida’s child protective services saying “Daddy hurt her.” But with limited evidence and no body, there
was little police could do. Aaron was later adopted and his mother’s case
went cold for decades. Then in 2014, police were called to the former
Haim family home. Aaron, who was now an adult, acquired the
home and was renovating it, digging up the pool. He discovered some plastic sheeting with what
he thought was a coconut wrapped inside. However tests would confirm Aaron had found
the remains of his own mother. Prosecutors say authorities also recovered
a 22 caliber shell casing. It didn’t take long for a jury to convict
52-year-old Michael Haim for the death of his wife. On Friday Haim was found guilty of second-degree
murder. He showed no emotion as the verdict was read. Sentencing is set for May 17. Health officials are urging caution about
kratom. Kratom is a plant from Southeast Asia that’s
sold in pills, capsules and extracts. It is a popular over-the-counter herbal remedy
for opioid withdrawal. Kratom causes people to feel more energetic,
it relieves pain and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
analyzed reports of more than 27,000 unintentional drug overdoses across 32 states and DC. The study said 152 of those people were found
to have kratom in their system and the drug was a cause of death for 91 of them. That’s a higher number than previously reported. Earlier this year, the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration said only 44 deaths had been associated with drug. Police arrested 24-year-old Emmanuel DeShawn
Aranda and charged him with attempted homicide for allegedly pushing or throwing a five-year-old
child from the third floor of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Witnesses say Aranda took off running after
the incident but was later found inside the mall’s transit station and arrested. Authorities say the child suffered life-threatening
injuries. At this point police do not believe there
is a relationship between Aronda and the family of the child. But records show Aranda had been banned from
the mall in the past and convicted of misdemeanors into separate crimes there in 2015. Pre-cut melon sold at Whole Foods, Kroger,
Target, Walmart, Trader Joe’s and other stores has been voluntarily recalled due to the possibility
of salmonella contamination. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
and the FDA made the announcement Friday. The recalled products include precut watermelon,
honeydew melon and cantaloupe. They were packaged in clear, plastic clamshell
containers and sold under various brands. If you think you may have the fruit in your
refrigerator, the FDA says do not eat it. You should throw it away. Nearly 100 people from nine states have gotten
sick in a salmonella outbreak. Symptoms of salmonella usually began 12 to
72 hours after consuming the bacteria. The symptoms include diarrhea, fever and stomach
cramps. We have an update to a story we reported on
last week. It’s an important recall alert every parent
needs to hear. More than 30 babies have died in the last
10 years, all while using the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play sleeper. Now the commission is taking it off the shelves. The incline sleeper was once a favorite among
new parents. Now the Consumer Product Safety Commission
is recalling all 4.7 million units from stores. The CPSC says the danger comes from infants
rolling from their back to their stomach or side while in unrestrained. They recommend anyone with the Rock ‘n Play
sleeper immediately stop using it and contact Fisher-Price for a refund. Customers can contact Fisher-Price at and click on “Recalls and Safety Alerts” or call 866-812-6518. James Shaw Junior, the man credited with disarming
a gunman inside a Tennessee Waffle House nearly a year ago, was honored Friday in Washington
DC. He received the 2019 Special Courage Award
from the Justice Department during its National Crime Victim Service Awards ceremony. It is given out to survivors who show bravery
during challenging times or others who step in to save victims. On April 22 of last year, Shaw was a customer
eating at the Nashville area restaurant when a gunman came in and opened fire. Despite being grazed by a bullet, Shaw jumped
to action to wrestle the gun away from the shooter. Four fellow patrons were killed but Shaw was
recognized for saving the lives of many others. 30-year-old Travis Reinking awaits trial on
four counts of criminal homicide in the case. And those are your top stories for today. I’m Crystal Cousineau. Thank you for watching Sign1News. Remember to like us on Facebook and follow
us on Twitter. Sign1News. Your life. Your language.

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