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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign vs Sign

Hey, my friend. Today we’re gonna do vocabulary stories. What’s gonna happen? First, you’re gonna watch a little movie clip. Oh, nice. Next, each sign, I’ll show you and teach you how to sign it. Then after that, you’re gonna practice. Now I have a paper for you down here in the description box below that you can download for yourself so you can practice it after this video. Okay. Ready? Let’s go. Beard, This is version one. And this is version, two. Now, you have two variations that you can do. The first one is with your hand and this bent ‘B’ hand shape. You’re gonna place it at your chin and pulled down into a point into a closed or flattened ‘O’ hand shape. Another version is with two open ‘C’ hand shapes. You’re gonna place it near your ears here, and you’re gonna curve it to meet in the middle. Beard. Now, check area to see if they have a preference, you can ask him. Hey, do you sign beard like this? Or do you like this? Um, or you can use this variation. If you’re signing to describe a close cropped beard. Maybe it’s smaller and more tapered to the face. Or you can use this sign to show it’s more of a bushy Santa Claus type beard. So you’ve got a couple options there to check your area or to use it to describe, um and makes the picture clearer. So check around and ask and find out, or use it based on emphasis and being more clear. Painting a clearer picture. Candle. You’re not nominate hands in the ‘one’ hand shape, your dominant hand is in the ‘five’ hand shape. Non dominant faces your body, dominant hand is on top of the candle, wiggling those little flames. Candle. Chat. One of my favorite signs. This is your bent ‘five’ hand shapes, palms facing up. Not towards the ceiling, but it’s more at of 45 degree angle here, and I just have my elbows tucked into my sides relaxed. Just bring him straight up. Have those elbows pinned in, and I just chat. And your mouth morphing is important here. It’s like that clenched teeth, mouth, morphine, chat. Chat, chat, chat, chat, chat. Corn. You’re going to see this sign two ways. The first way is with the dominant on the ‘one’ hand shaped held at the corner of your mouth, and you’re gonna twist it twice. It is if you’re eating corn on the cob. As you can see in the second way is with the ‘S’ hand shape at the corner of your mouth and you’re gonna twist that as well. And it looks more like you’re eating corn on the cob like this, but you just do it with one hand. Now, you have two options to pick, but check your local area to see what is your local deaf community using and stick with that one. Okay, but really, you’ve got two options to use for corn. Couple. This is with two ‘V’ hand shapes. The non dominant hand is facing your body in the dominant hand faces out and the tops of your fingertips touch the non dominant fingertips. I wish I knew what I was laughing about, and they tap it twice. Couple. You can also see it where they tap it back and forth like this, and another variation is off to the side, using a combo ‘V’- ‘K’ type hand shape, and you refer over here to the two people to the side, This one. This version is for like they’re together as a couple. And this is like a couple of people, like right here. Your two ‘X’ hand shapes and put your dominant hand on top of your non dominant hand and then flip it. Friend. Turkey, is your ‘Q’ hand or your ‘G’ hand right there at the bottom of your chin and you wiggle it down to your chest. Turkey. It’s like the waddle. Is that what it’s called? Waddle? You know that necky stuff. Turkey. Done. Oh, applause. The crowd goes wild. I’m so proud of you. You just learned a few new signs today. Whoo hoo! Okay, know what are you going to do? You’re gonna practice. Remember, it’s so important that you practice. You can’t just learn something. Then forget it, right? You gotta practice. So I do have the paper for you that you can use to help you. It’s in the description box below and you can download it for free. Thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe and hit that like button. I’ll see you later. Bye.

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  • Thanks! I had learned a couple of the SIGNS from your 31 day lesson I began this past summer. I have a question though. With run, I had thought that in ASL Accelerated that ‘run’ was formed with using both ‘L’ shape hands with the dominate index finger locked to the thumb of the non dominate thumb, and both hands moving forward or in a direction and the non dominate index finger of the ‘L’ shape kinda wiggling or bending like an open close, open close motion. Have I mixed up the ‘L’ formed SIGN with a different sign and its not run but some other SIGN?

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