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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign-Speak Studio

[MUSIC PLAYING] According to World
Health Organization, 5% of world population suffers
from hearing impairment. That makes 466 million
people across the globe, including 32 million children. Our solution,
Sign-Speak, is designed to help individuals with
hearing and speech disabilities to communicate effectively
with the use of sign language. A motion and [INAUDIBLE]
sensing system converts signs into text. And a voice
recognition system is used to communicate with
the virtual voice assistant. The solution is
delivered through a user-friendly interface
which captures many gestures and converts the corresponding
meaning on the screen. Today we are going to
demonstrate a solution that is focused towards improving
communication for audibly impaired individuals with
the help of sign language interpretation techniques. For demonstration purposes, they
have pre-feed our application that 400 gesture
images for every letter of English alphabet,
and trained it to identify a matching
text for every gesture. A camera-enabled
computer interface senses the
facilitator’s gestures and converts them
into matching text based on the image data
stored in the database. A voice recognition
system communicates with the voice
assistant which then converts the text into speech. The converted text is then
displayed on the screen. And a voice output,
aided by the assistant, is played in the background. The solution uses
Oracle Kubernetes Engine to train and deploy
the application. Oracle Autonomous
Transaction Processing is used to store and
process image data. The application is front-ended
by a Web Apps studio that offers three integrated
services, an easy and simple kickstart program to
learn the basics of ASL, American Sign Language, signs
and gestures with video guides, and American Sign Language
Translator using OpenCV, and machine learning techniques
to convert finger spelling into text and speech, an
interface that converts text to speech using the image
processing techniques and triggers a conversation
with a voice assistant. For people who cannot
hear the main act, the interpreter
defines the experience. Sign-Speak has a great
potential to become the language facilitator for
special institutions like schools, hospitals,
and NGOs, to name a few. Today’s solution was
built on Oracle Cloud. And it aims to
create a better world for specially abled population. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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