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Sign Language: Talking About Yourself : Sign Language: School

Often times in conversation you’ll talk about
where you go to school. You might sign where do you go to school. That’s a very common
question. Most deaf students grew up in a residential school for the deaf, so they want
to know if someone went to a school close to theirs or at a school where they know someone
else. The deaf community is very small and there’s a high chance they they will know
someone that you also know if you’ve gone to a deaf school. This is the sign for school.
Did you go to a deaf school? This is another sign for deaf school. You can see how I signed
it differently. Did you go to a hearing school? Hearing school. Were you mainstreamed. Which
means that you were the only one deaf student in the hearing school. I grew up mainstreamed.
There’s another sign for mainstreamed, which means they’re might have been a few other
deaf students in that hearing school. So you would show a number of students attending
that school. Mainstream. Deaf college. Or even just college. Gallaudet is a common sign
because there’s one deaf university in the United States. Hearing college. Good job.
You want to remember the sign for school and college. Deaf college, hearing college. Good

14 Replies to “Sign Language: Talking About Yourself : Sign Language: School”

  • hahaha! you're right. i'm from UK – i would looove to learn ASL but i only knew aphalbet and a FEW signs language. you from USA?

  • There is nothing wrong with the sound. The deaf do NOT sign like we talk. I know I work in a deaf school. You cannot follow the signs word for word. This woman is signing slowly. If you think this is fast watch actual deaf/hearing impaired sign to each other, THAT will give you whiplash LOL. The idea of signing is NOT to 'read' every word, but to 'read' the conversation as a whole, or in 'sentences'.

  • hijosinunavida, to change tense in an ASL conversation, you would start the sentence with the new tense. For example, if the conversation started in "now" and you wanted to talk about how you felt before, you would sign "before, I feel…" and sign your feeling. If the tense changed again, you would then use the time sign at the beginning of the new idea. I.e. "Before, go to the store. Now I go home." Something along those lines.

  • Her sign language skills are wayyyy toooo fassst for a beginner….if she would only
    slow it down…this would be very useful!!!

  • @kalibuggg I think this has a lot to do with learning it in a classroom versus learning from a video. I am begginner who can't even sign all of the alphabets (K gives me the most trouble!) and I completely understood what she signed school and college. School is just two palms on top of each other and college is one hand "swooping" over the palm- think of it as "higher education" so you're moving your hand from the school position in a swooping manner to a higher position. Hope this helps!

  • Cool fact about "mainstream" sign is that if you look up sign for oppression, you sign it by putting one fist under the open palm and moving it back in that position. Therefore, the sign of "mainstream" has to do with the fact that the single deaf individual (indicated by the one finger) is being oppressed/pushed by the hearing students. Interesting, right?

  • the speaker makes a mistake again.. the lady who sign says.. most deaf people… but the talker says most dead students!!.. it's annoying cuz it makes me confused….i mistook students for people..

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