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Sign Language Syllables?

Good Morning! Today, I am working on my lecture
I will be presenting at 1:00pm. I am talking about syllables in Sign Language, which is
kind of a concept that makes you scratch your head, but it basically is talking about timing,
location, and how much weight a specific movement gives to a sign. So if you have a sign like
committee or congress, it has a starting point an ending location and then the movement itself
is the weight and a path movement gives it a heavy weight. So signs tend to be monosyllabic,
meaning one movement. You do get some signs that have to movements, so something like
China, but that’s not very often and typically over time signs like that will change to be
monosyllabic and also move towards the central axis of the signing space. But basically that’s
what I am going to be talking about today in class so that’s pretty exciting. And yeah.
It’s just interesting to see really that there is timing involved in signs and it’s not only
a gesture put out there that means one thing, there’s actually timing and different features
that will be assigned to locations and handshapes and then the movement that happens on top
of it, and whether or not you get a light syllable, where there is no inherent movement
like the sign think and the movement going up to the sign and away creates a well formed
sign because every sign needs to have movement. But when you get extra timing does it hold?
Does it tap? What does it do when it requires that extra timing unit or the extra syllable.
And so that’s something we will be talking about today. So I better keep working on,
but I just thought I would give a quick update and I will see you guys as the day goes on,
so see you around.

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