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Sign Language Smart Translation Glove

Peace Be upon You This is A Graduation Project in 2017 Held in The High institute of Engineering and Technology in Al-arish The Main Idea of The Project is To Translate The Egyptian sign Language Into Sound and and Text For example This Hand Gesture is for The Letter( أ ) in Arabic And we Hear The Sound Pronounced
Another Example is This Gesture for the Letter ( ب ) and we Hear The Letter Pronunciation and This Hand Gesture for the Letter (ت) And we Hear it’s Pronunciation Some Hand Gesture indicate a full word instead of a Single Letter Like This hand Gesture Which Mean Love in Arabic Some hand Gesture Require Movement Like This Gesture Which Mean want to Go to BathroomFinally i’d Like To Thank Our Supervisor Dr. Sohier Metwally Afifi The Head Of The Communication and Electronic Department Dr. Abdel Fattah Sad And Eng . Mohamed El Shrief For Their Help And Finally i’d Like To Thank All Of My Colleagues Which Were a Part of this Project Thank You

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