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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign language Rights for All Children #IWDeaf2019 #IDSL2019 #SignLanguagesDay

Today 24th September 2019, is the 2nd day of the International Week of the Deaf 2019. The theme for today is “Sign language Rights for All Children” Sign language is a language that Deaf children can sign naturally. However, as 95% of deaf children are born to hearing parents who usually don’t know Sign Language. Parents signs only few words and this is why children sign less and learn very late. They are not strong in Sign language as their parents are hearing and they do not sign, plus they are not strong in the other languages they are taught. Children then become unable to think clearly, weak mind, solve problems, make decisions, etc. Since they learn late. The WFD has said that Deaf children from all over world like America, India, China, Australia must be taught their National Sign language at a very young age in schools. Teachers must be very experienced and teach their children Sign language and Written Language. It should be bilingual. Teacher should be very experienced and teach the children well so that they develop. Deaf children must be surrounded by Deaf friends and adults so that they learn from them. Our identity is very important. Doing this makes sure they are ready to achieve their goals. This is very important. Hearing Parents and family of Deaf children must be taught Sign Language by the government. Today in India there are above 800 of Deaf schools where they follow oralism and do not stress on the importance of Sign Language. The Deaf youth has so many dreams but they failed to achieve them and there are communication barriers as well. Let’s make sure that every Deaf child receives education in Sign Language. We must demand the government for basic human rights for our children.

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