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How To Learn Sign Language


Hello, welcome to my channel I’m here to make the video about sign language part 3 If you haven’t watching sign language part 1 and 2 I will post the links in the description if you want to watch them I’m here to teach you all how to sign greetings This is the most important part If you meet deaf people in public for the first time So you want to make friends with deaf people There are lots of vary greeting signs that you will need to learn If you want to know how to say ”Hello” This is the exactly same as waving Hi, hello Use the thumb up and it will show as ”good” Morning Make sure you remember to forward posture as body language Good morning Good afternoon Use the 2 fingers together and put into the chin Good afternoon Good evening Make sure the sign is in the between day and night Good evening Use the chest and then use both thumb up at the end Thank you, thank you Please, please For example.. Can I have my phone over there please? Thank you On the chest, use the fist and then move around Sorry, sorry Make sure it shows facial expression, i.e your emotion, this is important Good bye, good bye Your welcome Use the fist then move forward This is the same sign as ”come on” Welcome, welcome Your welcome Good night Good evening is between day and night Good night is like this Good night Have a nice day Have is like catch Have Nice Use the thumb and put it on the chin side then move down like this Day Night, day Have a nice day Nice Use 1 finger in both hands as it is like a person Meet, meet You Nice meet to you, nice meet to you See you soon Use the visual eyes, it’s same sign as look, saw & see See you soon See you later Use the ‘L’ symbol and then move up the hill See you later This is greetings sign language I hope you find this information useful I hope I will make more sign language videos soon I hope you enjoy it Thank you for watching, bye!

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