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Sign Language News – #Møkkakaffe Premiere on 11.18.13

Tonight, is the TV series, “Moekkakaffe” premiere at NRK1. The series is created by Doves Media and have a lot of deaf involved in the production. Yesterday, there were a lot of attendees at Teater Manu at the pre-premiere. The Executive Producer, Michel Laubacher, says that many have been waiting a long time for a drama series for adults. The time now has finally arrived. My friends and others have told me they yearned for a drama series. Then I thought– yes! I also want that. I was thinking about themes of the deaf and hearing, how it would work out. Both are in the same room in the ICU. Same accident, and in the same room? Who drove? Jan-Henrik drove. But isn’t her husband deaf? Doves Media has made a historical drama series for adults, “Moekkakaffe.” What is also historical is that even the director and writer are deaf. There are so many– make-up, the team, so many deaf people involved. The hearing were also involved, the director of photography, actors. A professional team with a great sense of quality. I feel like, finally! Yes! Finally we’re at the same level just as much as the hearing. You’re both involved in a historical production. How does that feel? I haven’t thought much about that. I didn’t do that back when we were filming. At that time I was just thinking we were working like a usual television series. But now, seeing the result, I understand that Doves Media and that kind of series they’ve made is like a milestone, because it’s the first time. There has been drama series created for children in sign language before, but now for adults. I’ve forgotten all sign language! That’s so dumb. For me! No, no you haven’t! Be sure to keep watching for the show tonight at 11 at NRK1. Thanks for watching.

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