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Sign Language Lessons – Timber! (ASL Snippets #12)

[Sign Language Lessons – Timber! (ASL Snippets #12)] [Sign Language Lessons – Timber! (ASL Snippets #12)]

45 Replies to “Sign Language Lessons – Timber! (ASL Snippets #12)”

  • Make sure you do your own version of this story for your presentation. 🙂 I don't have a Deaf frogs snippet. Although it's a cute story, it really doesn't have anything to do with ASL or Deaf culture/history. Good luck with your presentation!

  • Really entertaining and insightful for any one wishing to improve in use of sign language, like me. Thank you!

  • The difference would be the attitude of the tree. In this particular story, the tree is unaware that it needs to fall (doesn't HEAR the "timber"), thus it simply doesn't fall. However, if you have a rebellious tree that is aware that it needs to fall, but won't, then that would be when you state that the tree refuses to fall.

  • I love your videos, entertaining and plenty of learning! I'm in college now and have only taken ASL 1-3, but now I'm looking forward to getting into an interpretation program at a nearby college. Someday I'd love to go to Gallaudet, but first I gotta find some Deaf clubs or something to immerse myself in the amazing Deaf culture. Sadly, there aren't many in my area of small towns. Would you happen to have any tips for trying to find any clubs to meet Deaf people? Thanks for the great videos!

  • Glad you like my videos. Thank you for the compliment. 🙂 As for finding local Deaf and Deaf groups – have you tried googling? Put in your area and "Deaf" and see what comes up. Perhaps you can also ask the nearby college(s) that have signing programs if they have some connections – because usually they'll require students to attend ASL/Deaf events. Hope that helps!

  • I am quite disappointed. I have watched a few of your videos and all I get out of them is that you look like a very good mime. I have no clue what you are saying. I took a very basic ASL in college 40 yrs ago and have forgotten a lot of it. I wish I could see words to go along with the signs.

  • My suggestion, start with ASL Snippets #1. These videos are sequential. I'm not going to re-teach the same information over and over again. If you see something you don't understand in this video, start from the beginning. Good luck!

  • To Ko, it's just my suggestion, but perhaps if you worried less about each individual word, and watched the visual story unfold, you would understand this very cute little story. I'm no expert, but it does help,

  • +Rob Nielson,
    I learned this story in my ASL class but I didn't know the other last tree, it was new for me but It was awesome to watch. I love to learn ASL and I also sign with my left and so does my ASL teacher.
    Great video! I understood everything!
    Keep making these awesome videos!!

  • Mr. Nielson I gotta say I am grateful that you did all these videos, I'm hearing but I want to learn asl because I want to expand my communication with even more people ! You are awesome sir

  • love! love! love! this video. you put a little comedy in the story and it held my attention. just learning sign language and I feel the classes should present this video instead of the one they are using.

  • What is the sign when the doctor is saying yes that the tree is deaf? He is gesturing yes but the sign isn't the yes sign. I thought it might have been the "promise" sign, like saying, "I promise you this tree is deaf" I know that it isn't like you have to think words with every sign but I know he is signing something in that particular instance.

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