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Sign Language Lessons – First Easter (and now) (ASL Snippets #11)

[Sign Language Lessons – First Easter (and now) (ASL Snippets #11)] [Sign Language Lessons – First Easter (and now) (ASL Snippets #11)]

13 Replies to “Sign Language Lessons – First Easter (and now) (ASL Snippets #11)”

  • I've been told – "You make a very good actor." And – "You would make a good mime." Why? Because they think I'm so good at acting. In truth, what you see in the video – THAT is ASL. Every motion, every handshape, every expression, everything. Is ASL.

  • I must also say that your signs are crystal clear. I've known many Deaf who sign, and there are some whose signs are not nearly as clear as yours are. I'm sure you've heard it before, but if all Deaf signed like you, ASL wouldn't be as difficult for us hearing people. Of course, the same is true of any languages. There are those who enunciate well as well as those who mumble. Since I was an ESL teacher, I've always been very conscientious about using clear diction. Thanks 4 a great lesson!

  • Glad you enjoy my videos. Yes, I do get that comment a lot – that my signing is very clear. Being that I'm an ASL teacher, it's a habit. *smile* Be sure to share my videos with others!

  • When you made an "a" hand shape and held it up to your mouth- was that the sign for pain (like how people bite their knuckles when something hurts really bad)? I just want to make sure I got it right. I know other signs for pain but have never seen this one, if that's what it is.

  • wow you are a great teacher . I just know a few words in Asl but i understood it all. I am a hearing person who loves ASL and want to become an interpreter in the near future but i just dont know where to start . if you could give me some advice i will highly appreciate it . thank you

  • Loved the video! your interpretation of the burial and rolling of the stone was so clear. Looking for more of your videos today!

  • I hated Easter Rabbit NOT WANT BECAUSE BRING BASKET NO THANKS and favorited Jesus Easter BEST BRING BASKET!

  • I know your most recent video was uploaded seven months ago.
    I’m learning on my own through certified courses online.
    You are my favorite though and I hope you add more content. A friend of mine is deaf. We were friends sophomore through senior year and I learned to sign enough to help him with reading lips. I never mastered the grammar but I tried hard to learn as much as I could. A decade went by and we lost touch. We are back in touch and I have lost nearly everything. His ability to read lips has almost completely diminished because his cochlear implant helped him and it no longer works.

    I’m trying to learn as much as I can. His family has never bothered to learn and he is always lost. That’s always bothered me. I never mastered it in the few years we were friends but I tried really hard.

    Thank you for your videos. They remind me that I can follow, and if I keep working I will be able to understand my friend as well.

    With lots and lots of time, patience and practice.

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