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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign Language Lessons: Common Phrases : The Basics of Using Sign Language

Hello! My name is Melissa and on behalf of
Expert Village, today we’re going to be learning some basic signs, words, phrases in sign language.
Before we begin actually learning various signs, it’s important to keep in mind some
of the basics and to remember a few different things here. First of all, the sign images.
You have to realize that each of the signs that we are practicing are going to be displayed
from the viewers point of view, so your point of view. If you are signing to someone that’s
what it would look like to them, not so much to you. I will show you different signs from
my angle as well, but keep that in mind. It’s going to be displayed from the perspective
of the viewer, all of the signs we’re doing today. Also, facial expression is very important.
When it comes to sign language, you’re using your hands, your body language, you facial
expressions. Things like raising and lowering your eyebrows. Your face is an integral part
of sign language because you’re not using a spoken word. When we refer to things like
body language, facial expressions and body language is so important because you have
to think about your voice. When you raise and lower your voice the tone, the inflection
of your voice, adds meaning to the spoken word, so do things like body language and
facial expressions for sign language. That adds extra inflection and tones literally
to the words that you’re trying to express. If you’re angry or you’re surprised you do
that with your facial expression as well as your hands. Some important things to keep
in mind as we go into our various clips on words and phrases in sign language.

18 Replies to “Sign Language Lessons: Common Phrases : The Basics of Using Sign Language”

  • it means gay if the thumb and first finger r touching its under your chin and the other fingers r up. it is defensive

  • I just sort of fumble my way through sign language. Drawing out the first few letters to a word can be useful in describing things you can't represent with your hands.

  • @melgiovannip Where do you teach? Where did you get your teaching certification. Several certified teachers (myself included) have commented on this woman's video. She is NOT correct. Her signs are wrong because she is self-taught from a book so she self-taught herself wrong. Plus, NONE of her videos cover any grammar at all. She never signs a single sentence, just individual signs. I seriously doubt you are a professional sign language teacher.

  • @littlefootdavis I wouldn't take any information from her. I'm an interpreter and I can tell you that A LOT of her signs are wrong.

  • Thank you very much for making these videos. They are very helpful. My little sister is 5 years old and a few months ago, we found out that she is mentally disabled. She doesn't speak very well for her age. Yesterday, my mother tried teaching her sign language and as of earlier this morning she knew 16 words (probably more since then). She is just speeding through it like it is nothing, so I wanted to learn sign language for her. These videos are perfect for that and I thank you very much!

  • @melgiovannip thank you! I see comments saying she is not teaching the right thing, and makes me hesitate to watch these videos. Thanks for clearing it up 🙂

  • Morning everyone! My boyfriend is deaf and I am trying to learn some basics to facilitate our communication but also to get closer to him. Might someone please tell me if it makes any difference my using the left hand instead of the right? I find it easier cause I am lefthanded… Thank you!

  • WARNING; This person does not know how to sign! She is taking advantage of the Deaf and is getting paid for it. Please dislike all of her videos and find a reliable place to learn ASL. 

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