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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign Language Lessons – Colors! (ASL Snippets #4)

[Sign Language Lessons -Colors! (ASL Snippets #4)] [Sign Language Lessons -Colors! (ASL Snippets #4)]

40 Replies to “Sign Language Lessons – Colors! (ASL Snippets #4)”

  • There can be local variations for signs and concepts. However, the sign I use in this video is widely known and used in the Deaf community.

  • THESE VIDEOS ARE AWESOME. I don't know if you answer questions on here, but I have a question! Does it matter which hand you sign certain signs with, like the signs for colours?

  • Thanks! I'm glad you like the videos. 🙂 Generally the hand you would write with (considered your "dominant hand") is the one you will use for most signs.

  • Glad you like the videos! Be sure to share them with others! Have fun learning ASL, it's a beautiful language.

  • what you are doing is awesome & I really enjoy the vids. I have taken 1 class in S.E.E. and will be starting classes in A.S.L. this summer. I am working toward my degree in Communications Disorders as well. My only concern is that as a hearing individual I feel that on some of the videos I might be missing some due to the fact that there are no subtitles or voice. I am not complaining, but everyone learns differently. At least now I know how to say blue marker, red marker, green marker,etc. ;>)

  • I like how you incorporated material from the last video into this one! It really helps me learn it that way.

  • Well thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying and learning from my videos. I hope you're able to find glasses in your area! Feel free to share my videos with others.

  • Thanks! That's called "scaffolding" and I definitely encourage everyone to start from the first video in the playlist and watch all the way through to make sure they learn all the concepts and signs. 🙂

  • Thanks! Good luck on your degree. Hopefully you've been able to distinguish the difference between SEE and ASL. I am aware that everyone learns differently. Which is why I try to incorporate as much "explaining" in my videos as I can without making it too tedious for the viewer. 🙂 I purposely avoid using English in my videos because I don't want my viewers to create word-to-sign correlations. 🙂 But, as you watch my videos and then go back to review, you might catch something you didn't before.

  • I dont mean to ask you these questions. Do you have advanced ASL videos that you show in utube where I can practice grammatically correct ASL order (sentences) and doing story-telling? After that, I take a test (multiple-choice questions). I want to be an Deaf ASL teacher someday. I want to start taking courses as well; I met many requirements, just starting my teaching field now. My PSE gets stuck while I learn ASL so I need to practice ASL because I read far too much while I was a kid growing up in a hearing family.

  • I respect ASL and really want to learn from someone qualified
    unfortunately, there aren't ASL teachers in my country, and what's most unfortunate…deaf people in here just started to learn sign language, (years ago the deaf community only communicated with others by writing 🙁 or by making signs so hearing people understand…that means….wrong signs. So the community started to learn sign language from different countries…and, as you may know, signs differ from one country to another, just as spoken languages, that's why people decided to use ASL mostly)
    now we use ASL, but because of the past, we make mistakes that cause misunderstandings among the whole community :/

    so thank you for your videos!!! you're helping us a lot
    I'm a hearing person, but really want to learn ASL  since it's quite hard to communicate with my friends 😮

  • This is awesome! I've been wanting to learn sign language for years (I have a love of languages), but none of my schools have ever offered any ASL classes and I could never find any good videos online. So glad I stumbled onto you (although I'm not sure you're still doing this, since it doesn't look like you've been active this year).

  • I always wanted to learn the ASL since high school because it's a very easier way to communicate. I had struggled a bit with them, because i'm a novice. Your video had helped me a lot. I really loved them. And also how to sign " WHITE" color? You forgot to show that up. Would you upload a video of it? 

  • Thank you so much for these! Both of my friend's parents are deaf, so I have picked up on a bit just by being over there and interacting with them, but these videos are helping me a lot! I've been to events with them where other deaf people are present and many times I have had to look to my friend for help and it would be nice if I didn't have to do that as often. I actually find that the information in these videos are much easier to retain 🙂 I will definitely be checking out your website

  • Thank you so much for posting these lessons free to all. I am hoping to go into early childhood special education, so sign language is a necessary language for me to learn, whether I am using it to communicate with deaf/hard of hearing individuals or nonverbal individuals. These videos are extremely easy to learn from, and the information is extremely easy to retain. You have a very simple but effective style of teaching, and I enjoy watching and learning from your videos. 

    One question I have, however, is after you threw all the markers onto the floor, at around 4:52, what sign was that? I looked up the signs for 'gone' or 'nothing' and they weren't it. 

    Thank you for all you do, Mr. Nielson.

  • Hi Rob. Thank you for sharing your expertise:)  I'd like to pursue a degree in interpreting within a year or so.  I've found your lessons very clear and they help me a great deal.   I'm very glad I found your site, thank you!

  • Thank you for all your videos ..i have a 6 yrs.old daughter who is deaf and started studying at special school..i do evrything for her..this will help me a lot ..Godbless!!

  • Your videos are really cool! I like the way you do it because you take it slow enough for those of us starting out to get the hang of it. Thanks! When/if I get back to Colo. State Univ. for my Bachelor's, I'm going to take ASL as my foreign language courses because it's fun to learn; that's not to say it's not challenging because it definitely is!

  • such a huge help. always come to his videos to go over what I learned so I don't forget over the course of the trimester in which I don't have ASL. thanks Rob, you're amazing. 🙂

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