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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign Language Lessons: Alphabet & Numbers : Learn Sign Language Basics

Hello! My name is Melissa Schenk and on behalf
of Expert Village, today we are going to be learning sign language. In the upcoming clips
we are going to learn how to sign the alphabet and the numbers 1 through 10. In this clip,
let’s talk about the basics of sign language. First what are you gong to be using sign language
for. Is it going to be communicate with someone who perhaps has special needs or some people
even like to use sign language to communicate in some secret language that others may not
be able to understand. So we first need to talk about the basics of sign language. The
sign images when we talk about the alphabet in the upcoming clips, are numbers from 1
to 10. You have to realize that in signing what you see here, the sign images are going
to be displayed from the prospective of the viewer. You, not my prospective of the signer.
So very important to keep in mind the sign images that we are going to be showing you
I will show you some side angles as well but very important to keep in mind is going to
be from the viewer’s prospective not the signer. So a good thing to do is to imagine that someone
is signing while you are reviewing the segments. That is exactly what it is going to be. I
will sign to you and you will be the reviewer. Now two things to keep in mind are facial
expression and body language; very important. With facial expression this include this like
raising and lowering your eyebrows. With body language it is integral to signing. These
two actions alone give meaning to sign language. It is much like vocal inflection and the tone
of someone’s voice like what I am talking right now. So it is very important thing to
keep in mind facial expressions and body language when using sign language.

35 Replies to “Sign Language Lessons: Alphabet & Numbers : Learn Sign Language Basics”

  • ummm talking to a piece paper on the board hardly helps me lip read let alone fact that no signing actions were displayed at all.

  • The exaggerated facial expresson is a teaching and learning tool. It gets left behind when perception approaches ESP.

  • Some of you are being very judgmental about a person whom is just trying to provide a benefit to others.

    Thanks for the videos!!

  • It is NOT common to mouth when signing. In fact, it is inappropriate. There are specific "non-manual signs" (mouth movements) that have meaning. Thus "mouthing" words interferes with using these NMS. I would strongly suggest looking for other sources to learn ASL rather than from this woman.

  • Actually, she gets paid to create these videos. She's not doing it from "the goodness of her heart." Rather she is blatantly teaching things incorrectly and could care less because ExpertVillage is paying her to do it.

  • The irony is that this woman does not do any of the things she mentions in this video in any of her other videos. There's absolutely no facial expression or body language at all. Plus, anyone who truly knows how to CORRECTLY sign in ASL would know that you ALWAYS sign from the perspective of the signer, not the viewer. She got it exactly backwards. Proving yet again that she knows nothing about sign language.

  • @cyndi302 I agree. All of her signing videos are pure garbage. She knows nothing about sign language and is using her videos as a scam by pretending that she's an expert on my language (I'm Deaf) and my culture in order to make money. I really wish there was some way to remove her videos from YouTube.

  • @pashapup Mouthing is not recommended at all (for newbies or veterans). Why? Because the mouth is used for what is called "mouth morphemes" or "non-manual signals."

  • @likeprestige I disagree. She's not trying to "provide a benefit." She actually gets paid for these videos. She's running a scam by pretending to be an expert on my language.

  • @Guessworked10 Totally wrong. She gets paid for these videos. She knows nothing about sign language. She simply read a book on signing and created these videos pretending to be an expert. Trust me, she is benefiting financially from these videos.

  • @likeprestige As a matter of fact, I am doing something quite useful. I'm an experienced and certified ASL teacher that actually knows what I'm doing. I don't try to scam innocent people like Melissa Schenk is. I've created my own YouTube and my own website for those who want to learn CORRECT sign language. So, rather than smirking at me, you can thank me for the time and effort I spend to prevent people from wasting their time with this woman's videos and for creating accurate videos of my own.

  • lol her last name is Shank……(convo)"Hey wats ur last name i need it for this survey thing"…It's Shank,you?'……THE HELL U WANNAH SHANK ME B**** BRING IT ON!!!

  • Expertvillage needs to check qualifications before paying for errors. Ms. Schenck is not qualified to teach ASL and she, along with Expertvillage, is doing this beautiful and complex language a great disservice and insulting individuals in the Deaf community!

    Please do your research and learn ASL from a qualified teacher with the proper degrees, licensing, and certifications, and not a student.

  • I agree with the comments by others. Melissa Schenk knows NOTHING about sign language. She simply looked up signs in a book and made these videos because expertvillage paid her to make them. Please don't allow people like her to make money off the Deaf. If you want to learn to sign the abc's CORRECTLY, I'd recommend you search for "the abc's asl westwood." Those videos are made by a Deaf, certified ASL teacher (yes, that's me). Please vote thumbs down on these videos by Melissa. Shame on her!

  • If you want to learn ASL CORRECTLY, do NOT use Melissa's videos. Look for a CERTIFIED teacher that actually knows what they're doing. LivePrint, SigningSavvy, Westwood, or Bill Vicars channel.

  • I am concerned you are not an expert in ASL. Not even certified. You cannot take advantage of money teach wrong signs to the Public. Please go and attend classes to get yourself certified.

  • I want to learn asl from someone who is deaf or at least certified, not some fraud who pretends to know and understand the language. Melissa, you need to take down all your videos, this is unfair to people like me who sincerely want to learn the language.

  • you make sign language seem like some "cool, exciting trick kind of like English to be used for entertainment," when it's really its own language with its own syntax and sentence structure that is used by people who can't speak English. if you want to learn sign language, learn it to mend the gap between hearing and non-hearing people, and don't make it seem like a toy. sign language is a beautiful language that doesn't deserve this disgrace.

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