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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign language is useful! | Tacoma | Part 1

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en Welcome to Tacoma Tacoma… It’s a weird name. I don’t know why Taco. Ma. It’s Mexican food Taco in space I bought this game because the guy from the group “Deaf PC Gamers” tagged me on Facebook I watched the trailer and it was amazing To the guy, thank you for tagging me I’m playing it right now Shall we begin? Tacoma!!! This is so awesome… Wow, that’s Earth Pretty far Oh, the messages Thank you, Minny Is that a weird book? It’s like an e-book That’s so awesome It’s beautiful What’s that? L for left and R for right Behind the ears No way! No way!!! Oh hello? Sign in? Did you see that?! She just used sign language! She said Amy That’s so F awesome Trippy Biomedical I don’t know where am I going? Maybe I should go to this way Press TAB I’m a girl She’s from California Her name is Amy Ferrier Start fix! I wish I could smash the table I think they’re hearing. I’m – – Amy is deaf or hard of hearing This game is unbelievable EV St. James, Station Administrator Sareh Hasmadi, Medic It’s a moon What am I doing now? What does it say? Can I go in? Wow, it’s so far Ok, I’m here I don’t know what am I doing? Looks like I’m gathering the data Party It’s taking long The station is pretty big It’s the message 2088 What tape? I don’t know what is this for I should go back It’s really slow Nat “Fuck it” day? Oh, it’s a cat They were talking about the party Oh… shit, what is the password? It’s not there 322? I’m not sure The deaths of 322 workers I don’t think that’s the password Or I could try that I don’t know where did she come from? Looks like she’s a Canadian because of the maple leaf Vancouver Party! Sareh EV Clive Nat Bert Andrew Hand wash station I don’t understand how to use it Oh, it’s a toilet It’s a guide book M I don’t know where did it come from Oh, I can play the table pool No way That’s weird Halfway to go Let’s stop for right now. I will continue this game for the next video. Thank you for watching Please click Subscribe, Like, Share or whatever that will help me a lot See you in the next video

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