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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign Language Interpretation

the ASL program here at UNH Manchester
interested me because they have a very high rate of setting off interpreters
after their graduation. The Sign Language Interpretation program was the first
interpreting program in the country to be accredited in 2007. You are so in-depth with the language and when
you’re thrown into something like that you have no choice but to pick it up and
learn how to communicate. The interpreting part of the major we also have a lot of hands on practice we have to have deaf people come in and we do role plays in class. So you not only learning about interpretation you’re actually trying to figure it out how it works best for you. It’s really cool to walk through the halls and see your deaf teachers and be
able to practice all the time. You kind of feel like the start student here, like this school is known for ASL. I was eating my friend’s in a little cafe and two deaf deaf people walked in and they were looking for the bathroom and I was like OH! this is my chance to like sign with someone. We got to the point where told her I was an ASL student and she said you look deaf. I thought you were deaf. So, it was like a reassuring feeling that I think I am going to be good at this. UNH Manchester has prepared
me for my journey to become an ASL interpreter.

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  • Thanks for this video. I want to become an ASL interpreter someday. This helped me by seeing what you guys offer for the ASL program

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