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Sign Language for Kids: Sing-A-long in Sign Language: Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

Oh my dear right my toe lalala the motion of the ocean meaning take your finger like (bird chirping sound) Lilo wears a flower and then stitch
we’re gonna act like we’re sewing something so you take two fingers take
your thumb and your pointer and your thumb and your pointer and then
you’er going to sew it. “Stitch” So this is Lilo and Stitch take two fingers this is the letter H and
then put it on your face “Hawaii” Hawaii let’s do it nicely. Hawaii this is another way. What’s that the hula dance? The grass skirt. I don’t know there was a grass skirt boy in the video I don’t know who that was and you can check the video out right today. Ummm they’ve already looked at it. Oh yeah you’ve already seen it this is the end of the video Beach hold your hand like this and fold in your thumb this is
a “B” in ASL and you go Beach like the water towards you don’t the waves to go out this way so the waves are going towards you. See are
coming towards you the water of waves talking about waves we can go make a “w”
take your thumb and your pinky and go like this water and make waves. waves … uh oh there you go waves. then take two fingers
like this and make the meet ready here’s the sign family go around make a circle oh you’re making it go out like this you’re doing the sign for “free” this is family make them go around make them meet in a group. “family” another sign that we kept doing was surfing can you look at the camera and do surf surf board two fingers and two fingers the two
fingers on top of the surf board like this this and he’s catching the waves surfing two fingers like this playing take your thumb and your pinkies your thumb and
your pinky and you say play “swim” for the song we did this for flying by kind of flying by on the surf board and then we did sun make a “C” you’re gonna put it in the
sky “sun” like this and put it on the cheek “Flower” Do “B” with your hand “blue” Do Ocean with two “o”s go up and down keeping hand that’s shaped like a five
like you’re five years old beauty for five beauty hand shape for five beauty and also pretty that’s all we have for you today we hope
you enjoyed our video watch it again and use some of the signs we play
and swim and surfing and surf board and Hawaii the Hawaiian roller coaster ride we did
alright our next videos we get a check out our next video which is probably
going to be a surprise but if you have a request for a video that we should do umm let us know in the comments below if it’s not disabled No it’s not disabled I’ll check it and see it I like it and add the comments later

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