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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign Language – Colors

Today we are going to teach you your
colors you know that I love teaching all of you sign language so that you can
teach your little kids and we do that through Instagram @ryanandrose so if
you’re not following us make sure you go follow us right now but today we’re
gonna start with colors let’s get started the first one is red it’s
basically a one and just touching your lip red red then we have yellow is a Y and
you’re basically just shaking it yellow next is black it’s basically a 1 and you’re
just going to drag it across your forehead black black white is basically an open five and then you’re going to pull it away from your chest white white pink you’re making a P with your hand kind of like red but you’re
just touching your lip pink then we have blue these are the easy ones to remember blue is B for blue and you’re just basically shaking it was like yellow for
Y for yellow B for blue next we have purple is P P for purple purple brown is
basically a B on your face going down your face brown brown this can also be
gray G for gray gray and I’ve also seen grey like this so gray or gray orange
just gonna be the color orange or oranges orange and the last one is green
green did you catch all that I hope you enjoyed learning your signs and teaching
your little kids remember Oh sign language is so powerful so beautiful
make sure you follow us along on Instagram @ryanandrose also subscribe
to our YouTube channel for more videos that’s it

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