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Belling The Cat A long time ago,
the mice called a meeting to decide on a plan to free themselves of their
enemy- The Cat! They wanted to find some way to know
when the cat is coming, so they’ll have time to run away? They lived in such fear, fearing every moment when
the Cat will pounce on them Many plans were discussed, but none of them were
good enough! At last, a very young mouse
stood up and said “I have a plan” Everyone was surprised and looked at the small mouse! “It may seem simple, but I know it will be successful”
said the mouse. “Tell us your plan”
said an old mouse. “You know my brothers, the cat moves silently before
attacking us” “All we have to do is hang a bell
around the cat’s neck!” “When we hear the bell ringing, we’ll know that the cat is coming. This will give us time to escape”
said the mouse. Everyone was very impressed
with this idea, and they all applauded
the young mouse. But then,in the midst of applause, the old mouse stood up and said “I will say that the plan of the
mouse is very good! And then he asked them “But tell me, who will tie this bell
around the cat’s neck?” Everyone became silent, as they realized that tying
the bell is impossible. The old mouse said “It is easy to suggest ideas, but its difficult to do them!” The young mouse realized that he had
suggested an impossible idea, and he quietly sat down!

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