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Sign language Blog Introduction

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is N-O-E-L I wanted to start a Blog so I’m using Sign Language more everyday and help me learn better. Last year I started on YouTube Making BSL music videos It’s getting more popular everyday! I wanted my first video here to introduce myself Tell you more about myself and why I’m learning Sign Language. I’m 27 years old I live on the WIRRAL With my partner- been together for 8 years! I love Pizza, XBOX, and Comics! I’m a big GEEK! About 4 years ago, I met a deaf person. Watching him Sign was fascinating! I wanted to know more! Immediately I got on the Internet trying to find anything about Sign Language. Numbers, Alphabet, Fingerspelling, Everything! I think it was 2013 I started Level 1 Now I’m in the middle of my Level 2 Exams! I’m nervous but I’m excited! Thank you for watching. I’ll make more videos soon. I hope to see you again. Bye!

4 Replies to “Sign language Blog Introduction”

  • I do really need to brush up on my bsl as I haven't used it in ages some signs your using I can still understand but sadly not all of them this is a great idea Noel, and one of the things I didn't catch was where you were from sorry. 🙁

  • Me and my daughter watch your videos all the time. She's loves the fact your signs are easy to read. Keep up the amazing work you are doing 🙂

  • I'm in the middle of my level 2 exams! I did the Presentation today (It went well) and I'm not worried about the Conversation, but the DVD exam where you answer questions worries me. It seems to me it largely depends on whoever is on the DVD, their skills, whether they have good lip patterning, how fast they fingerspell, and overall how comprehensive they are. My teacher says we might get someone who uses Welsh or English signs (We're in Scotland), and they'll use signs we've never been taught! That seems to me like a major wild card to throw into the mix and it'll be the biggest factor in determining how many of us will pass or fail. Do you remember taking this exam? Do you have any advice?

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