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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign Language Basics : Sign Language: Where Are You From?

Now we’ll learn where you’re from. This is
a very common question in the deaf community. Where are you from? And then you might respond
by saying, “I’m from Las Vegas.” Where’s your family from? New York, Chicago, something
like that. It’s typically the beginning of your introduction. You ask where a person
is from. We’ll practice the signs. Where. Where. You. You don’t have to finger spell
or you, you can just point to the person that you’re talking to, you. From. From. We’ll
do a whole sentence. Where are you from? Where are you from? After you ask the question,
you can finger spell the name of your city or state. If you don’t know the sign for the
state or the city, it is okay to ask a deaf person whether or not they know the sign for
that particular city or state. For example, there’s a sign for California. Right now,
we’re in Arizona. Phoenix, Arizona. So there are many signs for states and cities and a
deaf person will be able to tell you those signs. Great.

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