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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign Language Basics : Sign Language: Numbers 1-20

Our next lesson is to learn the numbers. Are
you all ready? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Eleven, twelve,
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. You might get
a little confused with the numbers six and on. We always start with the pinkie touching
your thumb and then you move towards the index finger. Seven, eight and nine and then on
to ten. Signals for the number sixteen through nineteen, you’ll start with your pinkie touching
your thumb and then you’ll move on to seventeen, eighteen and nineteen. And then you’ll end
with twenty. Good job.

23 Replies to “Sign Language Basics : Sign Language: Numbers 1-20”

  • thats what it is
    because its part of the number
    like 12 is the flipped around 2
    13 is the flipped around 3
    14 is the flipped 4
    and so on

  • this video was easier than the other video i saw because it actually explained it, rather than just showing it. good job! 🙂

  • @roundthewldin3clicks Yes, this is ASL or American Sign Language, however there is also BSL (British sign language) FSL (French sign language) SSL (Spanish sign language) and so on 🙂

  • @MsDustBunny it completely depends on when and where the sign is used and in what context. This isnt always the case…

  • You are so amazing!! Thank you so much for the videos, theyre helping me a lot!! l have a half deaf cousin who signs all the time so this will help me talk to him(:

  • I love this I already have this down, I have yet to do the abc's fluently without thinking unless it is about what I am trying to sign, but I really believe that everyone should learn how to sign. I'm almost 21 and I want to be able to sign when at work or anytime really. I would love to teach my kids one day how to learn sign language as well.

  • I REALLY need help with words and phrases that I can use at my job, I work at a clothing store and I need to know some signing to help with that. Plus I need to know sumthing along the lines of: I'm new at sign language so please sign slow (lol)

  • I am trying to learn ASL, and I saw another video where they stated that numbers are done palm facing back. Which is right?

  • Sure am glad I found your videos…excellant job..I'm hearing and wanting to learn to sign..Thanks so much

  • I'm only 12 and I got it down after like watching it 5 times she hoes way to fast and it's kinda hard but it's really fun

  • Thank you so much for putting these up! I'm Swedish and hearing, and I probably wont have much use for ASL, but after watching Switched at Birth I've become very curious about deaf culture and would like to be able to communicate efficiently if I were to meet someone who was deaf.

  • My asl teacher (he is deaf) told us that the number 1-5 are signed with the palm facing us. Does it matter?

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