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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign Language Basics : Sign Language: Introducing Yourself

Now, if you were to meet a deaf person for
the very first time, typically, there are a number of things that you do to introduce
yourself. It’s a very important aspect of deaf culture that, when you meet a deaf person,
it will need you to learn more sign language from that deaf person. First, I’d like to
start with introducing yourself and how you will say your name. Watch me. My name is R-A-C-H-E-L.
So you would finger spell your name. I’ll do that again. My name is R-A-C-H-E-L. After
you spell your name, you would say nice to meet you. This is the for nice, meet, you.
We’ll do that again. Nice to meet you. I’ll go ahead and back up and start over. Hello,
my name is Rachel. Nice to meet you. So, you’ll practice finger spelling your name and then
those signs for nice to meet you. Okay, good job.

46 Replies to “Sign Language Basics : Sign Language: Introducing Yourself”

  • @tiffanymondesir I'm pretty sure its not. Apparently theres tons of different ways to sign (unfortunately). I wish there was just one standard sign language, but alas.

  • Does it matter what hand you use to make the 'you' sign or anything? I can't help using my hands backwards since I'm left-handed.

  • aaahhhh!!!! lol, this is day 3 for me…im dating a deaf girl and im trying..i really am trying!!! 🙁

  • @woooohoooocp you spell out that letter once, hold it and slide it slightly to the right and stay at that position (over to the right now) to spell the rest

  • @woooohoooocp as far as I know from what I learned in school you can sign the it twice, lets say is the letter T toy would make the sign for t then do it again. Or if I am correct you can make the T then retract your hand and do it again. I hope this helped it's a little hard to explain

  • i hate how this woman is trying to teach us something and people are debating over her looks. if you didn't come to this video to learn sign language then GTFO! what do her looks have to do with anything? people don't have to be super models. she has something else to offer. let her offer it. stop judging her based on her looks.

  • thanks! I learned more from this one video than I learn from five different videos of someone else! this was very helpful!

  • All of your videos are wonderful! I'm trying to learn to sign from books, which can get difficult because everything is in pictures and can be hard to understand. Thank you for making these! These are also the only vids that seem to follow the same signs as the one in my books. Other people's videos show different things. I know there's some variation in the language (as in all languages) but sometimes I feel like the other people don't know quite what they're doing yet.

  • this is perfect! I work with kids and now and then we get kids that use sign language, this is simple and practical, thank you so much!

  • I know it varies but I just wanted to say that I learned signing "meet" like that is inappropriate. I sign it with the fingers pointing up.

  • I should be studying for my exams, but I just learned how to introduce myself in sign language instead. As well as how to sign my name. *proud*

  • I think it makes sense to put the audio directly over the sign not delayed….it might be disrespectful but it makes learning the language so much more in depth

  • She didn't sign 'meet you' she signed 'have sex with you' this is one of the most basic things you learn in asl to avoid is the difference of "nice to meet you" and "nice having sex with you"

  • Thank you for having closed captions. I'm deaf and trying to learn how to sign, and these videos are really helping a lot.

  • What is the difference exactly? Im interested in learning ASL and I dont want to learn it the wrong way. So could you please clarify?

  • I know this is pretty late. But when you sign meet you, always keep your hands (Like people) FACING eachother, never ON TOP of each other. There are also a few other that are the same hand shape as Meet you.

  • All deaf people never use "is" because of ASL rule. Same with "never use "to" or "are". I use ASL because I never use anything like.

  • Very very NICE!!  Hey Rachel inbox (FB) me about your videos.  Maybe can put them on the FB page and/or website we are developing.  Hope the will both be ready in 1 – 2 weeks!! Are they in like a file together or one place where people can watch them all.  Very good!! Clear !! And Good captions.  Would be perfect for my family.

  • Does it matter which hand you use for the signs? Or does it have to be a certain one on top of the other etc? 

  • I was told from my professor that the angle of the sign "meet" is incorrect and that angle means something dirty. Thanks, expert village.

  • Ahh! 😀 My name is Rachael, I know several people in the deaf community, and they kinda "gave" me my sign name. It's an R (index and middle finger), I hold it to the side and tap it just above my heart. I'm not sure how they choose names, but since I can hear, I did not make up my own sign name; I let the deaf community decide. Being given a sign name is like getting a gift, it's so amazing.

  • I would never understand how people can "dislike" videos like these. These videos are great and informative, but should also be supplemental. Some signs can be regional so always check with your local Deaf community if you are not sure. Don't ever be so fucking cynical just because you were informed some signs were wrong or be done in a different way. For me, the angle of "meet" never really mattered, as long as it's the hand CL is in 1 shape (just index finger). If you want to mean "fuck", make the hands the V shape. Whatever the case may be, we should just appreciate the fact that there are awesome videos like these, and if you find them wrong, just point them out. You don't need to be a cynical asshole leaving a comment like, "Thanks for nothing." #My2Cents

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