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How To Learn Sign Language

Sign Language Alphabet & Numbers : Sign Language Phrases: How Do You Sign?

We’ve gone over the manual alphabet in sign
language and numbers. Remember we got to practice and do it and when you meet someone who’s
deaf and you don’t know a sign. Just sign “how do you sign” and then finger spell it.
You already know the alphabet. “How do you sign”. “How do you sign H O M E?” They’ll
tell you “oh, home, okay”. So you can use this, now that you know the alphabet you can
learn the rest of sign language, just using that. Alright, you just associate with deaf
individuals in your community, in your family, friends, at work whatever. Now, one thing
we can use with numbers is money. So that’s “dollars”. “Dollar”, so “one dollar”, “two
dollars”, “nine thousand dollars”. All right so we know the alphabet, there’s always practice,
and you can count as high as you want, and you know the alphabet so just practice and
use that to learn.

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