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How To Learn Sign Language

Should sign language be taught in schools? | We Are Deaf by Reuben Champion | Short | Random Acts

I had a friend called Atlanta who
couldn’t hear. Her hands became her mouth to the world and her eyes gave hearing
and sense to the world around her. Memories of feeling guilty for our
miscommunications blunted our friendship and experiences. too many times I had to
ask how do I say this or how do I say that to her mom or her little brother. Hi, my name is Atlanta Fry. When people use sign it makes me happy and excited. I
have family and friends who have tried to learn sign and are still doing it now.
I have one good friend who’s hearing but it’s hard work. They only understand
a little bit but I’m not always sure if they know what I’m saying, but they have
improved. When I was young I didn’t feel that my younger brother knew I needed
him to use sign language. We were so young but now he’s changed my life. He never
stopped signing, we communicate, he winds me up, we joke and he makes me laugh. And
he helps me. I remember going to you birthday party one year and being one of
the few people our age who didn’t know sign. For me this was the closest I came
to feeling how you must feel with the roles reversed and with me not being
able to communicate to the people around me. I wish I was taught how to sign an
early age and my brain was moldable like jelly. It’s never too late to learn

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