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Should I enter someone’s spooky house? | Conformity

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en.
Welcome to Conformity I think I spelled it right. Anyway. I downloaded this
game like last summer or whatever I forgot to play this game. Finally, I have some time
to play this game Of course, this is a horror game. Dark, forest, and
some lights. Shall we begin? I’m walking so slow… I can’t run SAM 123 Looks like we’re in California Come on. Move. So slow Didn’t I turn on the audio? I’m not going this way. Oh hell no. I don’t
have a flashlight Oh, that’s the RV Can I go in? Apparently not. Of course, invisible wall So slow! Hello? Is anyone here? Oh, the fly trap paper. It’s very sticky This is kinda like a bathroom. Well actually, this is
the laundry room I don’t know why the laundry room has the
bathtub and toilet The bathroom and laundry room in one room I can’t enter TV Kitchen Who is out there? Now what? Can I turn off this TV? Oh, I got the key What is this? I guess we’re going upstairs TV is truth. Are you talking about the TV downstairs? Stop playing around I don’t know what I’m supposed to do Watch the TV Ok That’s the demo?! That’s the demo?! What?! Oh great That was short. About 8 minutes Ok, that’s it What – – How am I supposed to say? This game has a nice resolution. Kinda realistic Ok. That’s all, folks. Thank you for watching. Please
click Subscribe, Like, Share, or whatever that will help me a lot. See you in the next video

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