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Short Stories In Sign Language | The Farmer And His Sons | Sign Language Animated Moral Story | ASL

The Farmer And His Sons A long time ago,
a rich old farmer, who felt that he had not many
more days to live, called his sons to
his bedside. “My sons,” he said, “heed what I have
to say to you. “Do not on any account
sell the estate that has belonged to our family for
so many generations. Somewhere on it is hidden
a rich treasure. I do not know the exact spot, but it is there, and you will surely find it. Spare no energy and leave no spot unturned
in your search.” The father died, and no sooner was he
in his grave than the sons set to work digging
with all their might. They turned up every foot of
ground with their spades, and going over with the whole farm
two or three times. Inspite of all the efforts, they did not find
any hidden gold. So, they saw seeds of grain as they tolled hard
on the farm. At harvest time when they had settled
their accounts and had pocketed a rich profit far greater than that of any
of their neighbours, they understood that the treasure their
father had told them about was the wealth of a
bountiful crop, and that in their industry they had found the treasure.

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