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Short Stories In Sign Language | The Ass And The Wolf | Sign Language Animated Moral Stories | ASL

The Ass and The Wolf An Ass was feeding in
a pasture near a wood when he saw a Wolf looking in the shadows along the hedge. He easily guessed what the
Wolf had in mind and thought of a plan to save himself. So he pretended he was lame, and began to hobble painfully. When the Wolf came up, he asked the Ass what had
made him lame, and the Ass replied that he
had stepped on a sharp thorn. “Please pull it out,”he pleaded, groaning as if in pain. “If you do not, it might stick in your
throat when you eat me.” The Wolf saw the wisdom
of the advice, for he wanted to enjoy his meal
without any danger of choking. So the Ass lifted up his foot and the Wolf began to search
very closely and carefully for the thorn. Just then the Ass kicked out
with all his might, tumbling the Wolf a dozen
paces away! And while the Wolf was getting
very slowly and painfully to his feet, the Ass galloped away in safety. “Serves me right,” growled
the Wolf as he crept into the bushes. “I’m a butcher by trade, not a doctor.” The moral of this story is
“Stick to your trade”

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