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Shit Hearing People Say (Things You Don’t Say to Deaf & Hard of Hearing)

Alright, so today, I wanted to play a game
called Things You Shouldn’t Say To People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. This is going to be such a fun game. There are no prizes. Just shits and giggles. There’s going to be a lot more questions
and comments that should not be said that I just don’t say in this, but these are
the ones that I can think of a witty response to. And I have this beautiful list here with me
today. “Is deafness contagious?” I don’t know, but come over here. I’ll
cough on you and we’ll find out tomorrow. “Why do you need subtitles for this? You’ve
already seen it.” Well, in that case, we’ll just mute it while
you’re watching it. Let’s see how well you understand it then. “Why don’t you know sign language? You
must not really be deaf.” Well, last time I checked, deafness has to
do with whether or not your ears work and not the languages that you know. “But you can talk!” Again, deafness involves your ears, not necessarily
your mouth. But I can use my mouth to make you look like
an ass for saying that. “You’re too pretty to be deaf!” “You don’t look deaf!” Is there some kind of secret dress code that
we don’t know about and, apparently, hearing people know about? Do I look deaf now? “Can you hear me now?” “Can you hear me now?” “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?” Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a Verizon
Wireless commercial. Let’s not do this. “How do you listen to music?” That was 2NE1’s “Go Away” in case you
were wondering. Suicide trigger warning in case you need to
skip the next ten seconds of this video – “I wouldn’t want to be deaf. I would kill
myself.” Don’t say that to us and don’t say that
to anybody for any reason. That’s just not appropriate to say to anybody. Oh, the memories. “I will pray for your deafness demon so
you can find a nice husband.” That was a comment that I received on a video
about two years ago on my old channel. And last but not least, To finish off round one, “What do deaf people sound like having sex?” I don’t know, but when I have sex with somebody,
I’ll be sure to get you a front row seat.

100 Replies to “Shit Hearing People Say (Things You Don’t Say to Deaf & Hard of Hearing)”

  • Most asinine comment I've dealt with recently was a Trump supporter who told me "if you can't learn how to hear, you need to go back where you came from."


  • I remember when I decided to go back to college for ASL interpreting and I finally started telling people that I going back. Few people asked me “are there even Deaf people anymore?” Or “why would you want to do that? I mean there isn’t any benefit in knowing a language that isn’t used.” 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Context: I have auditory processing disorder and can’t hear audio recording well

    Me: Ugh, I have no time to do the reading assignment.
    Person: Just listen to audiobooks
    Me: I can’t understand audio recordings.
    Person: Just turn up the volume.

  • I was told by my old family doctor that I'm too young to have hearing loss. I'm 20 years old and apparently that means I can't have hearing loss…I've also been told to pay more attention as if that will make me hear better… The ignorance in the world is sad.

  • This was a funny video, I love you sarcasm throughout. What really makes me sad tho is that the level of ignorance in some people ( many people to be honest ) is astonishing. Even in society today, people still have such a huge lack of information on people, places, things, events, and social do and don'ts.

  • 2:21 Now that's not fair tho, we all have to deal with stupid or mindless religious fanatics at some point, being deaf has nothing to do with that one.

  • “Wait…so how do you leave you house?”
    Ummm…last time I checked I just walked out the door.

    That one was whatever but one time a total stranger in a gift shop asked my kids if they were upset that I was deaf.
    I couldn’t make that up if I wanted to.

  • Hoh… omg someone once said to me that they would pray so all goes well and i can hear a gain. Bitch it's called a hearing aid. I am just recently diagnosed hoh so I havent gotten much lol.

  • Hi.

    Is there such a thing as "Deaf Poetry"? I mean signs that closely resemble each other and can be said to "rhyme"? If so would you please do a video on this topic?

    Thank you

    Keep up the good work. I can't get enough of your videos.

  • "Deaf people are so, stupid" "Why do deaf people go to school?" (P.S. In my home town I had to pass as normal so, I got shiz like this all the time)

  • sees my hearing aids “OmG hOw oLd aRe yOU?” Um how old are you?

    sees my hearing aids
    ew no

    Sees my hearing aids “CAN YOU HEAR ME”
    Please stop yelling in my ear it hurts, real shocker there huh?

  • u wanna know something funny? ok so im going deaf (I’m hard of hearing right now) and i was telling my friend about it, and dis bitch is like “omg, how are you gonna text me??”



    how will you get the notification?? you need to hear the sound, dont you??


    NOT NESSASARILY NO, THERES THIS BRILLIANT INVENTION CALLED “VIBRATION”.. lol thats one of the dummest things i ever heard.

  • asked with far too much pity, "What happened?" asked with far too much ignorance, "why haven't you done something about it?" said with far too much annoyance and/or anger, "Put your hearing aid on already!" ive only gotten this once, as a half joke half serious question, which is still not okay, "Is it contagious?" I only get this from one person but it happens far too often, speaking way too quietly on purpose or messing with my faulty directional hearing for fun, its confusing, frustrating, and stress or anxiety inducing, dont fucking do that. Or when ever i repeatedly tell people i cant hear them when i have ear buds in, when theyre on my deaf side, or when theres other noise happening, but they talk to me in all these situations way too often, expecting me to understand them perfectly and getting frustrated when i dont. And last but not least, in fact the worst, when i say, "what?" and they roll their eyes and say, "nevermind." i only say that if what i said was embarassing or unrelated or just to my self, and i say, "nothing" not, "nevermind." to show that i wasnt expecting a response. rant over

  • You are so beautiful inside and out! It's weird to me how people define you by such a small piece of who you are when you are clearly a beautiful,caring,nice,artistic,funny girl and i wish the best for you ❤😊

  • "You're too pretty to be deaf" made me lol soooo hard! How can ANYBODY be that dumb? -.-
    But the deafness demon … Oh boy, how people twist the bible. Not even funny just… plain… Ugh!

  • I work at a movie theatre, and this one guys who’s Deaf was trying to gesture to me how to do the forks, but I didn’t understand if he was saying foo you can stop now or you’re doing a good job. So I texted my mom afterwards, adding, “He’s Deaf.” And she replies, “But he can lipread, right?” And that comment really got to me. Me! So I go, “Mom, not all Deaf people can, and most of them can only lipread, like, 2% of what you’re saying.” She replied, “Just talk slower.” So now I’m teaching myself ASL the best I can without SimCom so that I may one day sign to him. I hope it goes well.

  • Ridiculous thing the head of my dept at Hopkins told me: "Just go listen to the recording for the instructions. I don't have to write them down for you." This for a major assignment. I'm HOH. I dropped the class. $1050 lost.

    I've also had professors tell me they're speaking clearly. I tell them I need to see their faces to understand them, and cannot lip-read through the back of their head.

    Btw, thanks for your activism.

  • I’m hoh but identify as deaf. One time I was at the cinemas with my mom and we were asking for a captiview (has subtitles on it so so people can know what’s going on.) and they offered me a pair of headphones because I’m deaf and apparently can’t see. I mean are you freaking kidding me I’m deaf not blind. Ugh the stupidity of uneducated people.

  • People constantly say to me “you’re not deaf because you don’t have hearing aids.” I always say back “ you’re not smart because you don’t have any brains”

  • I have a little trouble hearing but I can still hear I was a premature and my hearing was extremely bad but as I grew my hearing got stronger

  • I have genetic hearing loss from my mothers side of the family. I am tone deaf to higher sounds, but i have very good low hearing.
    Once somebody said "You can't be deaf! You were watching TV with the volume on 3!"
    Yea. I can't hear it when its loud

  • I bet i could fall in love with you easily if we know each other. Those mean comments tho. I felt offended reading them. I cant imagine how you felt when they told you those.

  • “Wait, so you can still drive?” And “Your just faking it if your not fully deaf. Your just over dramatic.” 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • “stop ignoring me haha! i don’t bite!”
    nah but i might if you keep it up bb. also a good one: “but you’re not deaf, why do you know sign language?” i’m HOH, and i felt it was necessary to learn a language that’s a bit easier to understand 🙃

  • I am not Deaf, but I have an auditory processing disorder, and a speech impediment and people ask me, "Where you are from, from?" And they will even ask me again LOUDLY after me saying multiple times, "America."

  • Usually when people meet me for the first time, they talk to my interperter instead of me.
    Like hello? I am alive and well. Speak TO me or go away.

  • I’m hard of hearing and my favorite thing is when I’m at work and someone say something when I’m not looking at them and I turn towards them and I say “huh?” Then they say “what are you deaf?” And I’m like well sorta lmao

  • My friend went to Home Depot last week and noticed a deaf man trying to ask a worker for help or for an interpreter and the worker yelled at the man and told him to leave because nobody working there knew ASL. So my friend who dose know ASL helped this guy find what he needed and everything and then told the manger about it who then didn’t even care.

  • I’m HOH and on my profile on the family Netflix I have subtitles turned on. When ever I’m watching stuff with my family my dad, who is dyslexic, always gets annoyed because it’s distracting for him. While I get that, I don’t enjoy watching things that I can’t understand either

  • I recently started losing my hearing heres a list of things i hate
    "You never listen"
    "Why is the tv so loud"
    "I already turned the volume up"
    "Why dont you wake up when your alarm goes off in the morning"
    "Your ears cant hurt that much"
    "Maybe your sick"
    "Its your sinuses"

  • I say “You know I lip read what that person said ” Someone “Oh you can lip read?” “Yes because I am deaf I can tend to read lips because it’s an instinct” other person “Oh can you lip read what that person said! Come on use your deaf powers and lip read them!”

    Also when someone mumbles and I say “Sorry can you say that again?” Then they are like “Never mind…” then I’m like “Please just tell me” then they say “Jeez you are so annoying” ;-;

  • When people say but don’t you have to be old to loose your hearing? And I’m just thinking 🤔 ok try not to strangle them 🙂 👍

  • Even though I can hear, my two best friends and I learned sign language because it would be useful to help us communicate with our friend who is deaf and one day when we were signing to each other while we were in homeroom, some boy came and screamed in my face telling me what the direction was from my teacher, when she didn't even say anything, and he just wanted me to do something stupid because he thought I was deaf.


  • Oh, so when I was in first grade, about half a year into getting my hearing aids, we were taking SAT tests, as ya do when you’re in school. Anyways, the questions were given orally and weren’t written down anywhere. My mom had let the teacher know to repeat any question if I didn’t hear it. Well, eventually there was a question I didn’t hear (go figure) and I asked her to repeat it. She said “No, you weren’t paying attention.” And I had to guess the answer based off the few words I did hear. I didn’t hear another question but I figured she wouldn’t re read it for me so I stayed quiet. Mom had a talk with her when she found out. She seriously thought I just didn’t pay attention when she knew full well that I had a disability.

  • Customer comes up for an order talking to me. Didn't notice him. Till he came in front of me.
    "Hi how can I help you?"
    Person next to me
    "oh my gosh he's mental."
    Customer slides away and leaves.
    "oh he's mental???"
    She seemed traumatized at me…
    "yeah he's mental. "
    Worst Job I ever worked at.😕

  • Getting an X-ray on teeth. Pop my hearing aids off and put it on counter. Dentist just looks at me wide eyed and horrified… 😂

  • When I was 13… In school carrying the fm system to class. The teacher asked
    "did you get your radio?"
    I smacked my head against my hand.

  • I’m hard of hearing but my hearing loss is different because I lost the low tones first, whereas most people lose the high tones first. Before I got my hearing aides, my friends and I were watching a movie at the apartment and I kept asking to turn the movie up. Eventually they told me no because we would disturb the neighbors if they turned it up more. I was okay with that but still only heard half of the movie. About halfway through the movie, my friend pauses the movie, turns to me and yells “Bri, get your damn phone! It’s been vibrating on the table for 20 minutes!” Because I couldn’t hear that frequency of noise, I didn’t hear my phone vibrating. I ended up running out of the place crying because I felt so patronized and attacked for not hearing a simple noise.

  • How in the Tokyo Ghoul fandom would a dead person hear you say those things with out hearing aids????

    deaf person: oh sorry, I was LISTENING to MUSIC while LISTENING to our conversation.
    Person: good! As I was saying-
    Deaf person: arent you smart. -_-

  • The stupidest thing people have done to me is the whisper and ask for me to tell them what they said and I tell them the right thing and the go see your not really deaf and I’m like you idiot I can read your lips

  • Love your videos. I'll apologize for all the idiots who can hear, but can't hear the sound of themselves, saying dumb stuff. I aplogize 😔 . Yuh know, maybe being deaf is a blessing, cause most people have nothing really important worth mentioning. So in actuality, you lucked out 🙃
    Have you ever heard of *The Postal Service * the band? I think they wrote a song for you called "Brand new colony"😁
    I also wanted to say, I love the green you had in your hair in your other video.

    Sorry if I'm out of date, I just made a YouTube account like three days ago.

  • Hello dear friend I’m hard of hearing eventually I’ll be getting hearing aids soon I’m sorry that those people are so rude I’ll be praying for you and them I know how you feel my dear friend I think your awesome my dear friend have a great day today

  • I know this video was posted in 2014, and I'm not deaf or hard of hearing but I am chronically ill and the amount of people who say "you're to young to be chronically Ill/have that illness." And "You don't look sick." Astound Me! Especially the latter one because I'm white as a ghost and the bags under My eyes and body wasting away is not something that one would miss unless they were actually Visually impaired or Blind….then they probably wouldn't even say those things because they are usually smarter then that!

  • I have gotten a lot of pretty much all of these but something people seem to never get there head around with me was that I am a deaf person and I also am a wheelchair user. This causes problems. I have told people time and time again if you're behind me pushing my wheelchair we cannot really have a conversation you are literally directly behind my head I cannot see you I cannot lip read from the back of my head so unless I magically grow eyes on the back of my skull no we CAN'T TaLK WHILE YOU'RE PUSHING ME! AND NO I CAN'T JUST LISTEN HARDER facepalm

  • I have APD

    when i talk about my difficulties with the hearing world around neurotypical hearies they automatically assume i'm deaf because apparently complaining about hearing = being deaf???? their reactions can range from "i'm so sorry that you're deaf" to "i've never talked to a deaf person before, do you like music?"

    i also get the "never mind" shit that deaf people get almost daily

  • I used to get all the time "Can you hear me?" Just like… yes… I can…

    Also, I wear hearing aids, and even though I don't ""Sound deaf"", I am still hard of hearing

  • I'm Hard of hearing and the stupidest thing someone said to me is " are you completely deaf" no I can still hear your dumb ass talk

  • Do you have hearing aids? I’m curious cause when you referenced the music question I responded in my head, through my Bluetooth hearing aids. Not sure of your level of hearing loss, molly pointed out that if she was loud you could hear her. I’m sure you’ve covered this previously.

  • Oh and I’ve had Deaf friends get asked at a restaurant if they want a Braille menu…… so ridiculous.

  • I had a therapist who is hearing impaired. Sometimes she would have to pull out her hearing aids to make it clear to people that she is hearing impaired.

  • So wearing my implants. They look amazing head phones. I want a pair. Why do you ignore people. Do people have a brain and hire people who ignore people. Well your gross, disgusting for staring at my lips. I have to rely on reading lips.

  • Also going out to eat and people not knowing the different between deaf and blind. Constantly been given a brail menu.

  • People yell into my right ear or whisper. I tell them I can’t hear. They still insist that they are right. I tell them I’m classified as deaf. Thy say no u r not. The amount of people who say to me that I’m can hear, also to my deaf friends is way to many. @Rikki Poynter

  • “Ladies and Gentlemen this is not a Verizon Wireless commercial let’s not do this.”

    I laughed way harder than I should’ve 🤣

  • So accurate!! 🤣🤣
    Another one for ya…. how deaf do you have to be to wear hearing aids.. or are you better with a cochlea?

  • That’s amazing. So relatable!!! It’s even funnier when you are signing and people move away as though they will “catch the deaf” 🤣🤣

  • Are people that STUPID to ask these questions…… like dude if you say “you don’t look deaf” then how do you want them to look like…. SHREK or something. And “you are too pretty to be deaf”……. then how should they be…. ugly. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I just don’t get it…. and EXACTLY what she said. Deaf people can speak but they just don’t realize it. They make sounds. They yawn, sneeze, laugh, scream, cry. And they can talk but they don’t realize it. OKAY

  • “You don’t look autistic “ and you don’t look stupid but here we are 😑
    I clearly missed the disability orientation where we were assigned our uniforms

  • Of course the one thing people always say when you tell them you have hearing loss…. "What?? Cos pretending you can't hear me is soooooo original and funny after 30 years

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