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Shell energizes internal communications with Office 365

>>We’ve made
a real conscious effort to move away from
mass communication, and take more of a dialogue
and conversational approach. That’s more authentic. That’s what our employees want. Shell is a global energy company with a very compelling purpose, and that is, to
power progress together by providing more and
cleaner energy solutions. Our top priority is really
to make sure that all of our employees are
aligned with our strategy, and more importantly,
that they understand what their unique contribution
is to that strategy.>>Shell has an open and
transparent culture. It’s collaborative, it’s a lot of fun recreating a more social, seamless, and integrated digital experience
for our employees.>>Shell’s forward
thinking visions is to make our whole
workplace more digital, bring everyone together into
a bigger digital community. Office 365 makes it really simple for
employees to connect. We’re using Microsoft
Stream because it’s really quick, simple, intuitive.>>Video is an extremely
important and impactful medium. Features like
auto-captioning provide us a really interesting way
to address accessibility.>>You can upload any formats
you want at any time, at any place, on any device. The video solution
is strengthening our position because it
helps us to be transparent.>>People want to be heard. We’re investing in
the personal connect that we have with our employees.>>The use of Yammer is really
impacting our business, and it’s a good tool
for collaboration, knowledge sharing,
and integration. People can see their Yammer feed, they can see the videos.>>One of the great things
about Stream is that we are incorporating
it on SharePoint.>>We have seen an increase
of 470 percent. Using Yammer or Microsoft is
making us more productive, and decisions can be
made much quicker.>>It really gives our employees an opportunity to engage in a way that they didn’t before. If we can get them all pushing
in the same direction, then I believe that we can really unlock additional business value
across the company.

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