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She Got Bit!

E: Such a baby So cute Sign Duo here Let’s see what is up today R: What’s up Trying to get this– cut this little dent in this piece so I can put it right here R: Yeah It’s hard Ra: Actually you should probably wait on that R:I’ll bring some tools for you to use for that Oh you have tools for this? R: Yeah. Just wait Yeah it’s not working It’s not working okay okay. Just wait Okay Looking really good Without baseboards — With baseboards So much better Yeah R: Hey R: Heyyyy R: That’s why you we use sealant right here? R: On the bottom R: Right there Over there R: Yeah. Use the brown sealant Good Good It will be seamless What are you doing today? Do this The go to my mom’s house and pick up tools for that Yeah, actually we’re both gonna go to our parents house then Because I need to pick up a P-R-O-T-R-A-C-T-O-R For the angles that are kind of weird. So the the right Corners–the perfect 90 degrees Corner is very easy to do because you just cut it 45, 45 But these one s here are really difficult to get- if you don’t have a protractor. So I’m gonna go home and get one Over here for the bedroom– So basically I set this up paper, measured it, we put a line there and then Basically, I think I’m gonna have to cut this Cut this somewhere here. Because this has to come out like this far so I can cut something like here Yep, I think that’s how I’m supposed to do it. They’re kind of just like figuring it out as we go along But I’m gonna go home Or go to my parents house–This is home now.. Kind of.. like half-and-half I’m gonna go to my parents house pick up the protractor and maybe just hang out with my dad Something for a little bit. You’re gonna do the same? Go to your parents house hang out with your mom? My brother brought both of his dogs to the house so I can visit them E: oh He has two dogs. I don’t know what kind of dog, but they’re cute I don’t know the name I think a mix of shar pei and Pitbull a mix I don’t know and my brother doesn’t know. Really cute though. right But when Missy was a baby and Ryan would dog-sit her.. She was so small, so cute Her head was so bit big for her body that when she would walk and then Abruptly stop, all her weight from her big head would still be moving forward So she was like fall forward. Awe So cute Such a baby So cuute So we’re gonna go to our houses and then later Later.. Later we’re gonna meet up, right? Yeah Go to Tokyo Central, get some rice and Japanese food? Good! Yay! I’m making us some lunch and I am making sushi! So Ryan and I actually went to the store a few days ago. We wanted to have like Sashimi sushi, which is like fish salmon and tuna But we decided to go the more, not so costly route And we got some veggies and some crab. It’s actually really good You can make a lot of sushi on a budget. It doesn’t have to be expensive like Cucumbers carrots, you know, that’s like a few dollars there. Maybe three tops Crab was only two dollars and I put some green onions on there Green onions in there, mayo Sesame oil, made some rice. I kind of messed up the race though It’s like not the best Avocado, that’s like a few cents, and then I got some shrimp Some shrimp and that was $4, But I haven’t even touched it yet. And we already had dinner with all this. This is all leftovers So there’s so much.. so much left over, but I’m Making some sushi for us to eat Ryan doesn’t really like sushi though. So I am making him– Well, I’m not making him, but I am heating up the ton– Not tonkatsu.. chicken katsu. He made a few nights ago It’s actually really good. He made it really good I had to have a bite of his it was so good. It’s just a bite But just a bite. so We’re gonna make some sushi Sushi, that’s like one of my favorite signs–sushi. It’s your left hand cup like this upwards and your right hand in a u-shape sushi. Why? Because the sushi chefs, their actions that we– the movements that they would do, they would do this to make what’s called, N-I-G-I-R-I Which is the sushi that you think of, you know, Nigiri sushi. This is sushi too But it’s a roll The sushi that you think of with the rice and then the fish on top of it laid nicely on there They pat it in like that That’s why it’s called sushi, or that’s why it’s signed sushi All right, I’ve got our lunches ready sushi and then Ryan’s chicken katsu Basically, Japanese fried chicken. Yeah this stuff it’s so good if you guys ever had Japanese chicken katsu or Pork katsu it’s so good, and you have to eat it with this This is the sauce that goes with the chicken katsu It’s called Bull– bull? .. no.. bull dog vegetable and fruit sauce– tonkatsu sauce very good Super sweet but really good. I’m gonna go put these on the table and then I’ll go let Ryan know. I don’t know where Ryan is This is the one time I wish I could call him. Oh there he is Hey babe Lunch is ready Oh really. Thanks Sign Duo is back! What’s up Hey! It’s 11 at night right now, but we got something Yeah I’m a little bit tired and loopy So I might act really weird But look we got our sheets! Sheets From H&M and I just googled, “Where to get the best, Cheapest sheets” and H&M came up because I wanted linen sheets, I didn’t want shiny sheets We’ll see if they’re actually good–what? what?? wait what? what? E: *GASP* E: that thing is so huge It’s huge. it looks so small on the camera, but it’s actually like this like this big How did did that get in the house? E: I don’t know. You let it in because you left the door open I got bug bite. Mosqui- What’s the sign for the mosquito? I got bites You guys see look Ow. Ow. OW! erw there’s like I think I got more. It’s itchy right here. That one and then one there and then one R: here E: two here Mosquitoes love your blood I have nothing nothing I have sweet blood. That’s why R: Yeah. You are sweet. Bye bye haha Okay. Let’s open the box R: Open Wooh Oh! And then I got a shirt! I didn’t tell you Ryan I got a shirt Woah. Nice color E: That actually it looks really good Done! Do you think I picked out a good one? Yeah? Yeah. Good job! I think it looks kinda different, it doesn’t look right It doesn’t look right to me What do you think Looks good Anyways, thanks guys–oh wait Should we cut my hair or we do it tomorrow? I’m gonna let Ryan cut my hair Cut yeah, cut my hair in the next vlog So if you guys want to see that,
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31 Replies to “She Got Bit!”

  • We were waiting for another video of you two doing something to each other like the make-up videos. Cant wait to see the hair cut video.

  • Can you guys give me some tips and help I want to be in a deaf and hearing relashionship but I don't know any deaf people bc my area there's not Alot of deaf friendly places 😔🤔

  • Lol I don't know much sign but I did actually know the sign for mosquito for some reason so when you asked I was like hey! 😂

  • Now I want sushi that looked really good Ellen and so did Ryan's chicken. I can't wait to see Ryan cut your hair. I was having a tough time but now I'm better you guys just make my day. Love you❤

  • There is a secret if get bitten by mosquito and it keeps itching take some salt and put it on the bite and move it around and on the bite it would stop being itchy anymore 😉

  • "they love your blood" lol! I get bit too, we live in MO so they can be pretty bad. Y'all live in OC? not sure what that stands for but my mom said Oklahoma city, which isn't all that far from us 😁 anyway great vlog, I rly enjoyed watching!!! 😘

  • Wow I did not know it was so easy to make sushi! My bf and I love it but it’s kinda expensive. Also Costco has sheet sets for $15.

  • Your home is coming together fantastically well. I understand how mosquitos like certain people. I attract mosquitos and bees. I'm allergic to bees. So hope your bites get better Ellen. Great vlog. Can't wait to get notified for the next vlog.

  • funny, the sign for sushi is the same in dgs (germen sign language) 🙂 most of the time i watch your vlog i can't learn new signs because i'm from germany so i'm learning dgs not asl. but i check and it is awesome if it's the same sign. otherwise i sometimes get confused because i think i know the sign but than it's the wrong language…
    i really liked the editing this time. and the house looks amazing!

  • I really want to meet you guys my dream is to meet u guys hope u guys can travel to where i live so i can meet u guys

  • I feel you with the bug bites, girl! I’ve always been more prone to mosquito bites than the rest of my family. My boyfriend has only had a few in his life too. Growing up, during the summer I’d get like 14 at a time. Not even like camping or anything just at home and stuff. Some people are just tastier to them haha. There are some theories than blood type may play a role but there are other things too. Blood and your pheromones and all those kinds of things. We’re just too irresistible to them! 😂😂😂

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