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How To Learn Sign Language

Sexiest East Asian Language

I’m lost on me nice meteor nice Japanese [Music] [Laughter] [Music] Korean I know one thing in Korean nigga like that I’m a little bit nervous I want to get everything right and represent my Asian peeps bring on the Asian guys this cahide the contact of syndicate oh yes cool new data tonight yes I’m green get to another mr. moti table know how to like to cut up so sweet I don’t think I get it I just found him I’m so sad my strategy doesn’t work sing with me my love so sweet so again I don’t have 32 just begging you beg yeah please please please go work with me ruta de moto baby sticking in yourself money looking at me Naomi pantoja need anything else a European they don’t say that unless I’m having two Volo wine I got wine new homer oh my gosh you’re such a yellow fever yeah Roy Cohn is SEO chanson de Lucas in some kind Sepideh Emma oh great which is only the your I took us two equations I needed to uh oh my god do you get a lot of women with that I like it mmm thank you I feel like the Taiwanese people are like delicate people you got our tool and get hung your name they got the two arnica sounds good I said I’m sure you like me cuz I like you that’s why sound good condors are a man you owe me on Dominica tuna Adhamiya South Korea thank you got burned up moody pause okay murder half catching the home – I got madam thank you yep yep I know thank you oh my god strychnine or gender sound wanna take a tub out go – oh yeah Jimmy’s an attorney or soil what Solomon’s if any sugar everyone have a seat I look expensive that’s such a great compliment nobody for you babe hey Bay Bay is in their phase that’s life you want to drink with me oh really yeah oh I thought you’re asking if I wanted to be your BAE I think China because the last whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh or so either come to this I’ll see ya hi Petey hi nice to meet you you do this is easier I’d say also enjoy it you can can now I come you are or oh you guys are high ye ye late second really it’s a moment ago done Mandarin Mandarin yeah really I don’t know sure yeah I’m positive no it’s candidate Oh No yeah nervous I can’t explain we’ll see I’m not I got ice skating with that better I’m a guy savant but that’s not skiing isin on yeah that’s so kawaii yes thank you well I I don’t like I just [Laughter] say the same thing but then just say frozen yogurt serve ice cream okay what see and that’s like I could always go GI todavia why continuation general Gallivan you know why no that’s all I actually can I like mouth-to-mouth okay no saranghae Nick okay no I can’t I can’t it’s a huge misconception that they all sound the same I think it was the surround sound system that stole my heart today it’s gonna be Taiwanese because it was such a calming soothing voice I like the way the Japanese guy sounds his his voice and the way he speaks is more flowy well I think I like the Korean one it was smooth not denying that I like Koreans the most yeah yeah it’s good to hear females talking what’s calming soothing it do it again hi guys I hope you enjoyed another video on sexiest languages and this one was actually brought by a high native language app and the reason we partner it up with these guys is because honestly the app is really cool not only can you get translation but you can actually ask local native speakers of that language to give you some pointers to answer questions to check your pronunciation to tell you what sounds natural and what doesn’t so stuff that you cannot get on a basic language app hiding of dyes for you which is it’s cool you can get to connect with people around the world and really get them to help you out in the language you’re learning and also covers over 110 languages and it’s just ridiculously easy to use like I’m gonna show you guys how easy it is to use it and so I wanted to do how to say this so I typed it in you choose your language I chose Japanese and the responses I got and this is like really within minutes how do you say you make my heart stop in Korean and this is cool because they actually not only wrote it for me but they said it Nonna named mama mama Cucaracha so it’s just really cute did you get to hear this person’s pronunciation it’s really cool hope you guys enjoy the video and I’ll see you guys next week with a new video and keep on breaking down your barriers [Music]

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