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Severe Increase in Cyclones in India

According to the IMD which is the Indian Meteorological Department, the number of cyclones in India’s Bay of bengal and Arabian Sea have increased by 32%. Between 2010-2019 On an average there have been at least four cyclones in India every year. The cyclones have increased a lot in India. However in the last five years the number of Cyclones every year has increased a lot. Between 2018-2019 there were 7 cyclones. There have been many cyclones in India that have become more frequent. This is due to the problem of Global Warming which is causing an increase in cyclones. This year the cyclone Fani in Odisha and Cyclone Vayu in West Bengal destroyed houses, vehicles, uprooted trees, electric towers, etc. These cyclones show that the climate in India is changing. We need to be careful and protect our environment.

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