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Sesame Street: When Families Grieve: Exclusive Preview

GIRL: I’m drawing on my wall. I like drawing flowers because
my mom really liked flowers and she really liked purple. So I imagine them sometimes
as purple. My Dad thought it’s a really
good way to get your emotions out and help you just
feel better. GIRL: My mom was pretty and
she was very smart and she loved to Rollerblade. And she had to cut her hair
because she had breast cancer. KATIE COURIC: We’re about to
talk about a subject that’s really hard to talk about. It’s a topic that’s very
sensitive and emotional, but unfortunately, affects
many people, the death of a loved one. [MUSIC PLAYING] BOY: My dad was a soldier. WOMAN: I didn’t have the heart
to really tell them that their dad was not going
to come home. My mother did it for me. She sat them all
down on a bed. She told him, your dad’s
not coming home. And my son said, why grandma? And they’re like because your
daddy was killed in Iraq. ELMO: Miss Katie, Miss Katie. KATIE COURIC: Elmo! It’s so good to see you. It’s been so long. I’ve missed your red,
furry face. ELMO: It’s good to see
Miss Katie too. KATIE COURIC: I thought
your cousin Jesse was coming with you? ELMO: Oh, she’ll be here soon. KATIE COURIC: Oh good because
I wanted to see how you two were doing because I heard
you had some sad news in your family. ELMO: Yeah. Yeah. Elmo’s Uncle Jack die. KATIE COURIC: I’m so sorry
to hear that, Elmo. ELMO: Oh, here’s a
picture of him. KATIE COURIC: Oh. ELMO: See? KATIE COURIC: There’s Uncle
Jack and he is your dad Louie’s brother, right? ELMO: Yeah. Cousin Jesse’s daddy. KATIE COURIC: This is such
a nice picture, Elmo. ELMO: Yeah. Elmo really misses Uncle Jack. LOUIE: Yeah my brother, oh,
he sure did love baseball. ELMO: Yeah. LOUIE: And he loved teaching
you how to play. He was so proud of you that day
he gave you the cap right off his head. ELMO: Elmo can’t wait to
see Uncle Jack and show it to him today. LOUIE: Son, son, can I– ELMO: Yeah, Daddy? LOUIE: He won’t be there. Do you remember how we talked
about your Uncle Jack? He died. ELMO: Oh yeah. Elmo can just show it to
Uncle Jack next time. LOUIE: I’m afraid not, son. ELMO: But Elmo can call him
on the phone, right? LOUIE: No, son. You see, when someone
dies, it means they’re not alive anymore. Their body has stopped
working. They don’t eat or breathe
or talk on the phone. ELMO: Oh. LOUIE: Uncle Jack died. KATIE COURIC: It’s so hard to
get used to the idea that someone you love just isn’t
going to be there. ELMO: Yeah. GIRL: I was very sad and mad
because I knew he wasn’t going to be here anymore and I just
didn’t know what to do. WOMAN: Sometimes we would
scream in the pillow. We would just out the
pillow up to our faces and just scream. Just so that you could
get it all out. GIRL: One of my teachers, she
had lost her dad too and she said that she would always
write letters to him. And then I started writing
letters and that made me feel better. BOY: My dad was really funny and
likable and he had a lot of friends. BOY: My dad was a helicopter
pilot in the Marine Corps. He had to deploy a lot. And he’d be gone for like
months at a time. WOMAN: How do you tell an
eight-year-old and a 10-year-old that their dad had
made it safely back from Iraq and then taken his own life? BOY: I think the best way to
cope with feelings is to just talk to somebody and just say
everything that you’re feeling and why you’re feel that. It’s like a towel. If it’s wet, it’s going
to weigh you down. You need to wring it out. WOMAN: We do a lot of
things to try to keep this memory alive. He’s everywhere, really. He’s in the ocean and
he’s in the sky. BOY: My dad was a major, so
we named the dog major. Major was born on the
anniversary of his death. So so many connections all
around us that really keeps him here, I think. MAN AND WOMAN: [SINGING] I know that times are sad. Don’t know how you’ll
make it through. Someone you love is
gone, forever. Think of the time you had and
remember love so true. Share in the memories
might help me too. Cause our hearts will just grow
fonder by remembering. And our love will always find
new heights to climb. If someone you love is gone, you
are always going to find that you need to give your
heart a little time. You need to give your
heart a little time. ANNOUNCER: Major support for
this Sesame Street special provided by Defense Centers of
Excellence For Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain
Injury, BAE Systems, Iraq Afghanistan Deployment Impact
Fund of the California Community Foundation. Additional support
provided by– ongoing support by Walmart.

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